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Shoot Straight With a Handgun Affordability

by William Beel
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shoot straight

Shoot Straight was a self-published novel written by David Hamilton. It is the story of a young man called Alex, who at the beginning of the 20th century has just begun to start working for himself in order to support his family. The novel is set in the years immediately following World War II when America has been occupied by the Nazis. This puts Alex in a difficult position because he is a black American and has just started working in a white working-class home.

After several failed attempts to shoot free bullets over the weekend, Alex decides that he needs a better way to defend himself. He goes out and purchases a new semi-automatic pistol from a sporting goods store, with the intention of buying one for the times he goes out to shoot guns on the weekends. While he is doing this, a German soldier comes into the store and attacks Alex with a weapon he has just purchased. The German tells Alex that he cannot return home until he kills him. So Alex goes out and tries to shoot his German assailant with his new pistol – but before he can get off any shots, the police show up, in Shoot Straight novel shoot the German with his Taser rifle and arrest him.

Although the Taser rifle can be used effectively with handguns as well, it was not designed to be used with the kind of ammunition gun ranges have available. Although the weapon itself is deactivated when it hits a target, aiming is required to get a hit with a shotgun or rifle. Although the story is about a self-employed man defending his home against a stranger, it is actually a story that could happen to anyone, anywhere.

To make matters worse, Alex soon finds out that not all sporting goods stores sell weapons like the one he bought. Because he only wanted a gun for self-defense, he did not investigate whether the store he bought visible from also sold other things, like rifles, cartridges, and other ammunition. If you buy a product only to find out that it does not work with your other guns, you are in big trouble if ever you need to use it for a real emergency. Also, if the sporting goods store says that their products will only work with their particular firearm, you might have buyer beware. The result? You may end up having to pay a whole lot more for the ammunition gun ranges wanted to sell you!

Even worse, some ranges have “shooters only” policies. If you show up for your shooting range hours late, and they discover that you are on the “shooters only” policy, the manager could call the local police and have you arrested. And that is if they do not already have an outstanding warrant out for your arrest! If you go to a place where you are expected to pay outrageous markups on things like ammunition and other high-end firearms without actually needing them, you are putting yourself in jeopardy of paying a high price for a service you could have gotten elsewhere for a much lower price.

But the worst part of this entire scenario is that you have put yourself in a position to get scammed by a gunsmith. Remember, a gunsmith cannot make something unless he or she has the necessary tools and knowledge to do so. A gunsmith can simply make something to order in order to get paid a large mark up for the item, or he or she can simply charge a large restocking fee. The gunsmith has all the knowledge of how to do whatever he or she wants to do with the firearm, and then he or she adds on an extra hefty price because of the mandated gunsmithing shop regulations and rules.

The result is that we are forced to pay outrageous markups on our firearms, and we have no recourse but to shop elsewhere. Those of us who know how to properly care for our firearms, and who have done so through a licensed firearms dealer, are actually saving money instead of paying an outrageous price for a gun. The gun store prices that we see online are so high because the overhead to maintain the store and their overheads is so high, they can barely afford to add any more retail space.

If you were shopping at your local sporting goods store, you would be able to browse around and see what type of deals are available, shop until you found something that you wanted, and then return it if you did not like it. What is the equivalent of shopping online? The answer is this; if you are interested in a particular product, you should be able to ask the attendant if it is available, and if it is, then you should be able to purchase it right then and there without having to even leave your home. This is exactly what happens when you go through a licensed SCCA member-owned firearms wholesaler. A good example of this type of wholesaler is Gander Mountain firearms.

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