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What Does OP Mean

What Does OP Mean?

OP stands for “original poster.” The person who posted the original message is known as the OP. What Does OP Mean? The original poster of a discussion is often called the OP. If the OP does not follow up, the person may be considered the OP. Another term for an OP is “operator,” which means a person operating a computer. The meaning of these terms is the same regardless of the context.

What does OP mean? OP is the original post. The original post is the first thing you see when you open a thread. The term is also used for a more common type of post, such as a mega thread. A post that contains many important links can be considered an OP. The OP in a video game can also be a character in a game. In some cases, OP is used to refer to an OP character in the game.

OP is also used to refer to the original poster. The OP in a game or a video is a player who has the advantage of being better than the other players. A person or group that is considered an OP is considered the ‘best’ amongst the rest. In the same way, a player who is perceived to be the best is considered an OP. The OP character can be the demon character.

OP is also used to refer to the person who posted the original post in a forum. In a game, the OP character is the one who posted the original message. A user can call him OP by using the OP tag, which makes him an OP player. When the OP character is the only OP character, it’s considered a cheater. It’s important to make sure that the OP character is the most powerful.

OP stands for ‘original poster’. OP is also commonly used in social media sites where users can converse. In the case of a game, OP is often used to refer to a user who posted the original post. In a game, OP refers to an ‘original poster’, the person who posted the original post. A user who uses a word in a forum is called a ‘top’.

The OP is a popular acronym used on social media websites. It is used in a variety of situations, from referring to a friend in a message to referring to a ‘comment’. In an online game, it refers to a post. In a forum, it is used to describe a post’s author. OP is commonly used on a social media sites like Reddit.

OP refers to a person’s original post. In an online game, it is used in a forum thread. An OP is often the person who made the original post. What Does OP Mean this is generally seen as a person with a unique ability. As an example, an OP can be a ‘top character’. A ‘top’ character has an advantage over the other players. For instance, a strong person may be a good player.

OP is a slang term that refers to the person who originally posted a specific content. It is usually used in stories and comments. It refers to the person who wrote the original post. In a game, OP is an advantage that makes someone superior to other players. In the same way, OP can be a character’s weapon or skill level. It is the OP that makes the character OP.

OP stands for ‘original poster.’ The term originated in the 2003 Urban Dictionary. It was often used instead of the user name of a person who posted a comment. People in the message board world had a tendency to use What Does OP Mean instead of their real names, which could lead to confusion. As a result, the term ‘original poster’ can be interpreted in many ways. It means the original poster, and sometimes the post’s author.

OP is a popular acronym for “original post” in games. In this case, the term is a synonym for ‘original post’. OP stands for ‘original post’. In fact, OP is used for a particular work, and it can also refer to a collection of works. In other words, OP refers to a single work by a composer. It is the plural form of opera.