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Tips for Students to Cope with My Professor Hates Me Situation

by William Beel
Tips for Students

If you are a college or university student, you know that it’s impossible to be liked by all professors. What is more, if you already don’t like the chosen course, every time you see your professor may turn into torture. At the same time, if you feel like your college or university professor doesn’t like you, every other semester makes you feel anxious about whether you’re going to pass the class or not. So, for every college and university student finding themselves in the situation mentioned above, we have a list of recommendations on what you can do to cope with the problem and have the most positive academic experience, as a result.

Find Out How Your College Fellows Feel

A lot of college and university students feel like they’re being singled out. However, before you approach your college professor, ensure to contact some of your college friends. The reality is that your instructor might hate not only you but the rest of your classmates as well. Chances are it is just their personality, and you did nothing wrong. Find out if you’re the only one to receive that kind of special attention, or if your professor is like that with every undergrad. Since this subject is quite sensitive for most students, it is recommended to approach your classmates with questions that aren’t accusatory, “I have noticed that Professor Connery has been angry with me for an unknown reason, is she always like that?” It’s the best way to get the information that you need and stay away from all sorts of gossip.

Just Don’t Pay Attention to It

Many psychologists say that if you can’t change your tutor’s viewpoint about you, you can still get the most out of your college experience. Just make sure to ignore the professor’s opinion. If you’re set on making it through the semester, ensure to keep your head down and do every other homework assignment, be it a research paper in math, an MBA coursework, a simple 5-paragraph essay, or any other writing task. It’s no doubt that it won’t be easy, but you have to get your diploma and never let some crabby instructor ruin your plans.

Take a Second to Think About Your Behavior in College

One of the first steps that you have to take in solving the problem mentioned above is taking a second to think about your behavior in college. Many people tend to say that college professors do not hate undergrads just because. The point is that there is almost always something that stands behind it. Whether it’s something that is going on in your life or something in theirs, there will always be a solid cause. Are you checking your phone every second? Do you talk to your peers when the professor is delivering a lecture? Do you fail to meet their writing standards when working on your essay or term paper? Even if it’s something that might seem unimportant to you, your tutor might find it serious and even offensive. As a result, you will fail to form a strong relationship with them. So before you think your tutor hates you for no particular reason, think that perhaps there is a reason and put your phone in your bag and listen to what your professor has to say.

Always Be Prepared

It’s no doubt that you may skip this or that reading assignment or a task, especially if you choose to enjoy some party instead. However, coming to class ready with your writing assignment or reading part is a must. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do online research for an essay or write one on time, do not waste your precious time! Make sure to approach online services like cwassignments.com to get professional help as soon as possible. All you have to do is to specify that “I need someone to help me write my essay,” and the service managers will match the best experts available at the moment. Every writer works for good pay, which means you can’t get an essay or movie review for free. You will have to buy it. However, the prices offered by the companies are pocket-friendly, which means you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

Many college and university students find it helpful to go to their professors’ office hours. Even if you simply need to ask for an essay topic clarification, it’s better to show that you do your best to accomplish the task according to the existing requirements and show up at your tutor’s office. Who knows, perhaps, your effort will improve your relationship with your college instructor.

Always Attend Their Classes

If a college professor hates you and all you do is continuously skip their class, you’re not going to get the desired grades. If anything, make sure to attend all classes so that you progress in the chosen subject. Thus, you will have a chance to prove that you do your best to get a degree. Chances are they will start accepting you after a certain exposure and even come to like you when you work hard in class and contribute to the discussion.

Ask for a Feedback

There’s nothing more a college professor loves than when students ask their points of view. If you approach them on a regular basis and show that you’re trying to get better, sooner than you know, you will see how they stop hating you.

Nonetheless, you have to make a visible effort to ensure it actually works. For example, you can involve your professors in your academic projects pertaining to the area and always take their viewpoints into consideration. It’s no doubt that it will make your relationship smoother.

Now that you see the list of tips given above, keep in mind that there is no cure-all pill for the situation under study. More often than not, your emotion may run deep, and sometimes it’s impossible to find a simple way to cope with them. Just make sure to do your best and work hard to progress in class.

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