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Facebook Touch – A Review of a Functional Facebook App

by William beel

The latest version of the popular social networking website Facebook, version 3.0 has introduced many new features and enhanced services to boost its functionality and user-friendliness. However, one of its most important upgrades is its integration of Facebook Contact API. As per research, this feature is the first step towards the company’s plan to integrate Facebook contacts along with other applications in the future. According to Brad Callen, Facebook VP of engineering, “The new system includes features that will make communication easier and faster between people. As we look at the bigger picture, this also enables us to create new opportunities for people and businesses.”

Facebook Users Response

As per reports, there has been a tremendous response from Facebook users in regard to this app. Many are convince by the impressive visual and functional elements, especially the interface and user-friendly interface of Facebook Touch. The latest version of Facebook has made it more mobile and accessible. This further enhanced version of the previous version comes with great additions such as a new and enhanced interface with several improvements of visual appearance with benefits of flat-style design. It is now a lightweight version of Facebook using smooth e-commerce and technology-based social media review help on the site. In addition, it incorporates all the important features of Facebook like groups, apps, photo albums, streams, games, chat, and account manager.

iPhone and iPod Touch

The Facebook apps develop for mobile devices have been designing and optimize for the iPhone and iPod Touch and provide a high-quality viewing experience with excellent picture quality and fluid performance. Facebook touch app for the iPod Touch can also be use with the iPhone and has been specifically designing for the large text and image components. The Facebook apps developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch run smoothly on the larger device’s large screen and provide a high-quality viewing experience with excellent text and image quality. The apps are available for free and need to be downloaded from the App Store.

User Interface

One thing that makes Facebook touch more attractive compared to the normal app is its simplified user interface. Unlike the regular apps, this one can be installed as a widget on your home screen, without the need for downloading the app onto your phone. Once the widget is loaded, you can use your finger to scroll through the home page, to open the app, and to select various options and settings such as changing your user name, changing your avatar, and changing your location. There is even a calculator for those who would like to add some fast facts into their Answer Book or perhaps to calculate the daily mileage they have driven.

iPhone or the Android

The Facebook touch app is not only limited to providing applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but it also includes the Android versions as well. The advantage of using the app from both platforms is that you can use the same application on any of your devices, whether you have the app for the iPhone or the Android, and simply transfer your settings to the new devices. The disadvantage however is that you cannot preview any of the features on the other platform before installing it on your home screen, so if there are any that you do not like then you need to download the app again to see how they look on your phone or tablet. With the regular apple device, however, you are able to preview all the features that you want, so you can see how they will appear on your phone or tablet screen.

The installation process of Facebook touch was pretty simple as far as I could tell. When I tried to download the app onto my phone, however, I started to receive several error messages from my computer that indicated that the app was either incomplete or was already corrupted. Upon further investigation, I discovered that I probably downloaded the wrong version of Facebook and that I needed to download the proper version for Windows phone devices. Apparently, Facebook has changed the way that its users were downloading their applications, but I was able to successfully install touch after purchasing the application.


After purchasing the app, I installed it on my Samsung s7 smartphone, which has an internet connection that was very slow. I immediately noticed how slow my connection was compared to a smartphone that I had in the past. It was still perfectly functional. After connecting the device to the computer. I opened the Facebook Touch app and immediately found that it was very similar to the other apps that I have on my Samsung phone. Even though I was using an internet connection that was far slower than I usually use. I was able to run the app very smoothly and easily. One of the features that the app did not have is the option to download videos from the internet and upload them directly to my fingertips.


In the end, I was very impressed with the way that Facebook designed the Facebook touch version of its app. While it does not have everything that the iPhone or Android devices have. It does come close enough to compete with these popular platforms. It can be used for basically anything that you would normally do on an iPhone or Android smartphone. If you are someone who wants to make internet access easier and more convenient. Then you should definitely check out the Facebook touch version of this popular social networking site.

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