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Tips On How To Become A Successful Voiceover Artist

by William Beel

In a world…where you want to learn how to get into Voiceover acting, where on Earth would you start?Many people either don’t know how to get involved in voice acting or feel they’ll never be good enough. However, with consistent practice and guidance from quality coaches, it’s been proven time and time again that anyone can do it.

Here are some tips to help you practice so you can have the best training experience possible:

1.Read Out Loud

– Read out loud to yourself. It’s a great way to practice your material and get a sense of how it sounds.

– Read out loud anything you’d like! Read a script, read your training material, or just read random sentences.

– When you’re reading something out loud, it’s essential to pay attention to the emotion. Reading out loud can be super helpful for this!

– If the emotion isn’t coming through in your voice, try changing the pitch or speed of the words. – Some exercises can help you improve your tempi, such as vowel exercises or word-to-vowel exercises.

2.  Watch TV Commercials

In the commercial industry, it’s super important to learn how actors present! Commercials and voice over actor news websites are a great place to get real-world experience.

– Watch as many commercials as you can, listen to the voice actors delivery, paying close attention to their pacing, delivery and subtle nuances in their voice.

– Try to mimic the presentation in your voice. You can also try picking up on the rhythm of how they speak

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3.Attend Acting Classes

If you don’t have a local acting class in your area, consider taking one online! They can be super helpful in understanding how the voice-over industry works and brushing up on your skills in acting and auditions.

– If there is a local acting class you can take, consider registering for it. It’s a great way to brush up on your acting skills and find ways to improve as an actor!

– You might feel out of your element at first, but just remember that everyone was new when they started!

4.Audition and Read Professionally

Many voiceover services require you to send out a copy of your work to be evaluated before you can join. This is a great way to see how your work sounds to real actors and professionals.

– You might get some good feedback on how to improve! Remember, however, that clients do not like being pressed for feedback – it’s usually better to wait than to ask for it!

– Another great resource is casting calls on voiceover website. They usually give you some direction on what they want, and then you have to send out your audition.

– It’s best to look realistically through your options and pick the ones you find most likely to get you hired for the specific job.

5.Use a Voice Recorder

The voiceover industry is evolving at a fantastic pace. Recordings are what help you get hired in the first place, so that’s something to keep in mind!

– This is one of the best ways to develop your skills. It’s like having a coach, but without having to talk to someone! Instead, you can just focus on your own work and give it everything you’ve got.

– This will also help you hone your voice by practicing different projects and different kinds of characters. Try recording things that you wouldn’t normally do!

6.Listen to Recordings of Other Actors

This is another excellent way to see how most famous voice actors have their voices worked on and how they sound when they’re creating their voices.

– You can also use this to get ideas and see how others are vocalizing their work.

– As a general rule, it’s always best to listen to professionals who do voice work instead of on-camera actors. This is because they will usually have more experience and you can learn the best techniques from them.

7.Watch Professional Voice Actors on YouTube

This is another great way to check out how other professionals have gotten their work done.

YouTube can be a great resource for getting new ideas on how to help you come up with new voices or vocalize your characters in a unique way!

Check into the voice acting community for more feedback and advice!

8.Watch TV Shows and Movies

This is an excellent way to see how the voiceover industry is presented!

– Take note of the styles used and what actors are used for roles. Often, you can tell if they did voiceovers or not based on their parts!

– You can also see how directors use specific techniques while promoting their shows, commercials, or films.

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9.Read Scripts

You can find scripts online or at auditions. It’s a good idea to keep a script book in your home so you can practice reading and audition from them!

– Listen to how they read it and see how they sound while reading it. Pay attention to the emotion, the character’s mood, and any rhythm issues!

10.Listen to Audiobooks

This is a great way to get a handle on how presentations are made. You can also use this as a ton of ideas for examples of incredible voices.  It’s also a great way to hear how others use their voice to convey different emotions and switch between characters, and you can learn about presentation and character work.

– You can listen to an audiobook in your car by using Audible!

In Summary

Building a successful career as a voice actor doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a more realistic goal than you might think. These tips will help you improve your skills through training and education, and connect with the voice acting jobs you’re looking for.

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