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Tips to help you buy the right roll off trailer

by William Beel
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Regardless of whether you haul garbage or work in the construction industry, a roll off trailers can be a good investment. This is because a roll-off trailer can help you reduce the costs of waste disposal. It can also assist you to grow your waste hauling business. 

Keep in mind that roll-off trailers are usually manufactured differently. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase quality roll-off trailers like ACE roll off trailers so that they can last long. This post discusses some tips to help you buy the right roll off trailer.

Cable system and paint process

Roll off trailers usually have two key types of cable systems. Some roll off manufacturers tend to use winding drums while others utilize reeving cylinders. When it comes to a reeving cylinder, the cable doesn’t come into contact with itself. As a result, this means there is less maintenance and greater longevity. You should also note that a reeving cylinder can be quieter and safer to operate.

It’s obvious that a powder coat paint process can be better than the one sprayed on enamels. This is because powder coating gives you a higher UV rating, so the colors can resist fading and the roll off trailer can be more resistant to scratches and chips.

But when finding out about the painting process, it’s a good idea to ask if the specific roll off trailer you want to purchase is painted and primed. You should remember that not all roll off suppliers prime these trailers first. This is a crucial step if you intend your waste management trailer to look great for a long time. 

Axles and operator controls

With trailer axles, you need to get one with fewer moving parts to reduce the risk of points failure. Therefore, you should look out for axles that are bolted onto the frame. These axles usually offer a smoother ride and can be easier to repair. 

There are various types of roll off controls. Some roll off trailers can be controlled with stationary mounts, manual levers, or even pendants with coil cords. There are even others that you can operate using a wireless remote. 

All these can do the work, but a wireless remote tends to be easier to operate. This is because a wireless remote doesn’t need any physical effort apart from just pressing a button. It can also untether the roll off trailer operator, so it allows them to move around the trailer and keep an eye on things. 

Safety lock valves and fenders

There are a few roll off trailers that come with safety lock valves. The truth is that reputable roll off trailer manufacturers make sure that their roll off trailers have safety valves. Operators require them for their safety.

In case of a fender-bender, the one that is bolted on the roll off trailer instead of the frame can be easier to replace. Welded fenders need you to cut away the metal and can damage the paint work.

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