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Chinese expatriate community online Wenxuecity

by William Beel

Wenxuecity.com is an online magazine, also known as Literature City, that targets the Chinese expatriate community in North America and Canada. It is a platform that covers news and entertainment for Chinese-speaking people. Its content varies from sports to literary reviews and movies. If you’re not familiar with the English-language version of Wenxuecity, it’s worth reading.

Xiang Zhong Wai Si Xiang Zhe Jing Hua

In Wenxuecity, the villagers have been practicing forced sterilization for centuries. The Chinese authorities have recently started to monitor overseas pilgrimages and religious extremists. A recent article published in Radio Free Asia details these practices. Also, there were reports in the People’s Daily on 11 June and 25 May that the government sterilized villagers for their national origin. Despite these reports, the plight of the people in the city continues to be plagued by a lack of rights.

The New York Times reported on the Kashgar killings, and several other western media outlets reported on the incidents. In January 2013, the Chinese government issued a statement condemning the incident. Xinhua and Global Times reprinted the report. Xinhua, Xinjiang Peace Net, and the Xinjiang Daily have reported on the incidents.

Wenxuecity is the site of the largest Chinese urban development project outside the capital. In 2011, it became the most populous city in China, with a population of over a hundred million people. It is a hotbed of activity and the largest city in Wenxue. The city has an estimated 1.3 billion inhabitants.

You Jian Deng Wang Luo Fu Wu

Wenxuecity You Jian-Deng-Wu is a famous Chinese slang term. It means “good luck” in Chinese. The city is located in Fujian Province. Its official language is Mandarin Chinese. The city is famous for its traditional culture, and you can find several old relics of dynasty emperors in this area.

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