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wmlink/2step Complete Setup: Walmart One 2 Step Verification Process, Registration, Login, issues, FAQs

by William beel

It’s easy to access an OneWalmart account with Walmart One 2-step verification. You can complete verification from your personal devices such as your smartphone, or a computer. Walmart has implemented Wmlink/2 step verification as an additional layer of protection to safeguard your personal information. However, do you know wmlink/2step setup process?

2 step verification allows only the original person to access their account. You know it’s necessary today for providing tough security to your personal information. This is why every renowned Platforms including Gmail, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more have already introduced it.

Similarly, Walmartone has also implemented 2-Step verification an additional Security step to protect your account. Verification is much simple only you need to enter your login credentials and then the system asked you to enter a one-time verification code by this you can login to, Code to decide whether the right person accesses the right account or not.

Now I should start this tutorial to discuss the complete procedure for setting up wmlink/2step. I have also addressed a few commonly faced issues with Walmartone 2 Step verification including Walmart 2 step verification not working, and how to reset your Walmart password if you forgot among others.


What is wmlink/2step?

Walmart has created a login portal with new security measures in their algorithm which requires two-step verification just to link the right person with their personal information. This web portal features a 2-step verification process to guarantee the safety of all submitted data.

Wmlink/2step is an extra security measure designed to make sure nobody can log into your WalmartOne account without you. This requires your username and password means your login credentials and one-time 6-digit verification code.

What is the need for wmlink/2step?

This security measure is available to users of all Walmartone accounts and works by requiring users to use either their phone number or email address in order to obtain a security code from WalmartOne before being able to log in to their accounts.

After this, a unique 6-digit code will be sent to the user’s mobile phone or email address every time they attempt to log in. This code is for security purposes and helps keep your account safe from malicious hackers and spam bots.

How to set up wmlink/2step?

It might be a bit unclear to you about how to set up wmlink/2step, however, there is a step-by-step guide that will provide you with instructions on how to accomplish this task. I would like you to take a look at the following:

Step 1: As a first step, you will need to visit the official website of wmlink/2step in order to enroll for it, which is https://wmlink.wal-mart.com/2step.

Step 2: The next step in order to sign in to your Asda PC account is to enter your Asda PC user ID and password. Once you have accessed your account, you should be able to see your name at the top of the page. It may be necessary for you to log out and then sign into your account again if that is not the case.

OneAsda is a website designed to give employees access to their work schedules, payslips, and other essential employee data. Additionally, there’s an app available on mobile devices so employees can get this info while on the go.

Logging to OneAsda requires signing up for wmlink/2step, a two-step verification system that protects your account from unauthorized access. You can do this through text message, phone call, or app by providing the one-time six-digit verification code.

Step 3: In order to verify the account, you will need to provide a 6-digit verification code. This code can be sent via text message, voice call, email, or an app. As you log in to OneAsda on a personal device in the future, you will receive a one-time 6-digit verification code that you need to enter.

Using Text Messaging – The first thing that you need to do in this case is select your country code and then enter your telephone number without including the 0 after it. In order to complete the process, you need to enter the same phone number again and click the submit button.

walmartone 2 step verification

Using Voice Call – As a result, in this case, you will need to choose your country code first, followed by your telephone number, without the 0 included. Enter the same phone number again and click the submit button after you have done that.

Using Voice Call

Using Email- In this case, you need to choose a valid email address i.e one.walmart@gmail.com, and click on the verification or code option after that. Check your inbox, as well as your spam box, as there will be a link to activate your login or a 6-digit code in your email inbox. The time has come for you to access the login page. Enter your phone number, and click on the submit button.

Using the App- It is imperative to note that in order to be able to use the VIP Access app, you must first download it from the Google Play Store on any Android device, and from the App Store on any iOS device. As soon as you have downloaded the app, you will need to enter your credential ID and security code from the app. Then click the Submit button once you have completed the steps.

Using the App

Note: It is also possible for you to change how you would like to receive the 6-digit verification code in the future. In order to do this, however, you’ll need to remove the existing login credentials and then follow the same procedure as discussed above in order to do so.

Here you need to note down the following:

There is a requirement for different contact details to be entered for each 2 Step of Verification setup, which means that two employees cannot set up two-step verification with the same email address or mobile number.

Similarly, if you had two accounts in the past and you had already set up two-step verification on one account and now you want to add two-step verification to your second account, you will need to remove your contact number or email address from the first account in order to add two-step verification to your second account.

Here is the process you need to follow:

Just remove the telephone number from the first account for two-step verification

Using your first account, log in to your account and you will be able to remove your credentials from the 2-step verification process. Sign out of your account by clicking on the sign-out button. Once you have created your new account, you will need to activate the two-step verification process.

Use another verification method or telephone number.

In order to understand this better, let’s take an example. In the case that you selected the text message verification method for your first account, then you are able to select the Voice Call verification option or you can download the VIP access app on your device to set up two-step verification in your newly created account.

How to Login to OneAsda?

  • It is necessary to enter the URL https://one.walmart.com/asda into the web browser of your computer or mobile device in order to sign in to OneAsda on a personal device.
  • Then, enter your Asda PC user ID and password on the Asda PC, and then select the method that has already been set up for the 6-digit code to be sent to you.
  • Log into your OneAsda account and enter the code in the box provided.

Common Issues with wmlink/2step

As promised, in this article we will look at some solutions to some of the most common problems that are associated with wmlink/2step.

Two-step verification adds an additional level of security to our personal information, but it also requires you to go through a complex login process in order to use it. However, this complex login process is actually required in order to keep your and your company’s data safe.

Issue: Walmart 2-step Verification Not Working

Solution: If you understand the cause of a disease, you will be able to cure it effectively. There are a number of reasons why Walmart’s 2-step verification may not be working in this case, but it could be one of the following reasons:

  • The verification method you have already set up is not the right one for the product that you have selected.
  • The old credentials have not been removed and a new set of credentials has not been added.
  • The server side may experience some issues from time to time, however, it is quite rare for this to happen.

Issue: I forgot my Walmart password

Forgot password
  • On the Walmart login page, you need to enter your User ID and choose your Country/Region, and then your location.
  • On the next page, you are asked to enter your password. In case you have forgotten your password click the forgot password link.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your email address and you’ll receive a password reset link to your email. Create an updated password for your account by following this link.

How do I connect with Walmart One Team?

If you have questions or would like to get in touch with Walmart One Team then find the phone number below:

  • For US-based store/field associates, connect at 479-273-4357.
  • For Home Office associates, connect at 479-273-8866.
  • For international-based associates, you may get in touch with your in-country help desk.


When do I need to use two-step verification?

  • Whenever you are trying to login to Walmart One from a personal device such as a home or work computer, phone, or tablet to check your schedule, benefits, or pay stubs, you will need to complete two-step verification.
  • Do I need to have a smartphone?
  • Not required – you may either give your landline number for the voice call or receive the text message on your cellphone.

I already use Yubikey and/or Google Authenticator. Do I also need to complete two-step verification?


What is the official website to enroll for wmlink/2step?


Once you have enrolled in the course, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. When you are unable to remember your password, you can use the “forget your password” button. Then you will have the option to request a one-time password to be emailed to you, sent by SMS, sent via push notification, or create a new password.

First of all, you will need to register with a valid email address and a valid phone number. In the next step, you will be prompted to enter the date and time of the show that you would like to attend.

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