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4 Resume Template to Use That Work Best for Singaporean Employers

by William beel

A resume template is a one-page document that contains your basic resume information such as contact details, education, and work experience. There is a large number of templates available for use on the internet. A resume template for a jobseeker is one of them. It is simple and easy to download. To use it effectively, you need to know the basics of resume format or work experience. The following are some Resume templates that are good for the people of Singapore;

1. Chronological resumes

This is the most commonly used resume format. It serves as a chronology of job history and career achievements. The Chronological resume is also known as an Objective resume because it contains an objective summary at the beginning of the resume. It is always a good idea to start by listing your major achievements. It gives a good picture of how you performed in the past and what you are currently doing. It also shows how your skills can be beneficial to your new employer.

2. Functional resumes

A functional resume focuses more on your current and previous experience, skills, qualifications, and accomplishments rather than the chronology or job history. The Functional Resume template for jobseeker usually contains 2 or 3 major sections: employment experience, work history, areas of expertise and skills & qualifications, etc. It is easy to understand and it gives a detailed story about you.

3. The combination resume

This resume format is widely used by students and recent graduates. The combination resumes contain some of the elements from both chronological and functional resumes, such as skills, qualifications, work experience, and education. This resume format is not only easy to understand but also gives a good impression on potential employers as it is simple and neat.

Benefits of Resume template

1. Save time and energy

A resume template is a ready-made or predesigned document that has been formatted properly. You do not have to spend time on formatting or design. You also do not have to worry about information such as fonts, spacing, and alignment. The Resume template just requires you to fill in the details carefully and then submit it.

2. Save money

A resume template is affordable, easy to download, and has no installation charge, unlike a customized resume that needs professional assistance and costs more money to produce the document for you.

3. Improve your chances of getting a job

All employers are looking for the most qualified and suitable candidate, one that best suits their company’s requirements. A resume template for job seekers is a good way to get their attention on you. It highlights the most important aspects that are of interest to them, such as knowledge and skills, publications, special events, etc.

4. Avoid discrimination

An employer may discriminate against you if you fail to provide information such as race, gender, and age in your resume or application form. Sometimes they even ask for this information without your knowledge during the interview or selection process. The resume template does not require any of this information to be filled out so that you can avoid being discriminated against during the process of applying for a job.

5. Save your time when applying for jobs

You can get a job more easily and quickly by using the Resume template. You do not have to spend time creating your own resume from scratch and you can save your time by downloading the Resume template and start applying for jobs immediately afterward.

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