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Enrichment classes for kids in Singapore

by William beel

Teaching kids new skills is sometimes a struggle. If you’ve tried everything and your children just aren’t interested, then there might be hope for you yet!

Some companies have come up with highly innovative ways to make sure that kids develop the necessary skills they need to succeed. These are some of the best ideas we know about:

1. Open-Source STEM Clubs for Kids in Singapore

2. Online STEM Learning Enrichment Classes in Singapore

3. Enrichment Classes for Children with Disabilities in Singapore

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5. Enrichment Classes for Teenagers and Kids

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7. Science enrichment activities

8. STEM classes

Open Source STEM Clubs for Kids in Singapore

This is probably the most innovative idea we’ve seen recently! Open-Source clubs take a different approach from regular enrichment classes by involving kids’ parents, schools and businesses to help children develop 21st century skills like critical thinking and emotional intelligence through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

The idea behind the clubs is to take advantage of parents’ help and “reshape their children’s lives by allowing them to learn with their peers at school, at work and through the community.”

Learn more about it here directly https://www.mindchamps.org/enrichment/

How do they do it?

One parent, Anthony Tan (who founded DragonSpace Science Club), believes that kids benefit from a tremendous amount of freedom in creating their own identity. By engaging different facets of Singaporeans such as schools, parents and businesses, these clubs bring together students from different backgrounds. The students develop practical skills as well as critical thinking and communication skills. They have fun learning about the world around them through science and engineering.

This unique learning environment has been lauded by the authorities as one of the most effective ways to develop 21st century skills. It will also benefit children with special needs. Parents play an essential role in this rich learning experience. Their help is indispensable both for their children’s development and for developing these scientific societies.

Recently, one such club was established by our own schools. A group of Secret Science Network (SSN) students, aged 9-12, formed a new club called The Secret Science Club to get involved in fun yet meaningful activities like practicing robotics and learning about science at school libraries or at workshops sponsored by the National Institute of Education.

Online STEM Learning Enrichment Classes in Singapore

Another great way to make sure your kids develop 21st century skills is by enrolling them for online enrichment classes. You can be a part of their learning experience by joining the class yourself. There are several benefits of this method:

It’s a great way of making sure that your child gets enough parental involvement and guidance since the teachers are only guides during the classes.

This form of learning is great for parents who cannot spend more time with their children at home.

Enrichment classes online are also great for children with special needs as they can do their own at home without any help on their part.

Online STEM enrichment classes can be conducted by university students or by retired teachers.

These enrichment classes are usually very cheap and the fees can be paid via Paypal.

All payments and registrations are done quickly and easily online, so parents don’t have to run around trying to get everything done. If they need help, the online teachers are always there to help them out.

Enrichment classes for kids with Disabilities in Singapore

Parents of children with special needs often struggle when it comes to finding enrichment classes for their children. This is because schools don’t have such classes as part of their curriculum. However, several government-funded organizations have come up with some great ideas to help such children develop 21st century skills and self-esteem through science and mathematics education.

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance (Singapore) has a programme called the Science Unplugged Programme.

The Arts and Science Learning Center (ASLC) will provide the space for disadvantaged children with special needs to enjoy creative art classes. These include painting and drawing, clay, video or digital animation, arts and crafts etc.

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