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What Is TTY Mode & How To Use On Phone

by William Beel

A TTY mode that helps deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech-impaired, use a phone to communicate. While TTY were designed for landline phones in the first instance, they are practiced today with both landlines and cell phones.
This article talks about TTY mode, meaning on a cell phone and how it works it and offer other, more contemporary benefits for people with hearing or communication impairments to communicate.

If you are in an area where TTY phones are available for people with hearing loss or those who speak only using a PC at home, you should know how to use TTY on iPhone. TTY stands for telephone operator service, which is a technology that enables call centres and other communication devices to support voice over Internet protocol. TTY mode is used on both computers and phones, making it very convenient for those with impaired vision to communicate and participate in business transactions. It also allows those with hearing loss to use the telephone.

How To Use TTY On iPhone

You can go to Settings > General to turn on TTY mode and select ‘Yes’ to connect your phone to the network. Then, you can tap on ‘TTY’, and you will see a pop-up with three options – use regular (Settings & General), Voice over IP (VoIP) or MMS (multimedia messaging).
The regular option is applicable if you are on a contract with a mobile phone carrier. If you want to use a TTY for free, you can simply touch on ‘WiFi only’ instead of using the regular option. You can also set the language to French, German, English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Spanish.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a form of communication where the user uses a computer and the Internet for making calls and sending messages. This technology was introduced in the year 1996, and millions of people are now making calls through VoIP. The significant advantages of VoIP include call quality, low cost, ease of communication and the ability to connect voice over IP devices such as cordless phones and computer headsets. The major disadvantages of VoIP are busy signal, poor audio quality, slow speed and poor battery life of the phones that require VoIP to make a call.

TTY Mode On A Samsung Galaxy Series

AT&T TTY Messenger – On A Samsung Galaxy Series Mobile Phone You can now get your calls handled like no other. TTY mode allows you to see the status of your voice mail, internet sent and received messages, email and instant messages from your cell phone when a TTY is not connected. So what exactly is this nifty little feature? It is a software that allows your Samsung Galaxy Series phone to handle all of your messaging whether you have it connected to TTY or not.

When TTY Mode is on, your Samsung Galaxy S is able to talk to anyone who needs to hear you. Your call comes through loud and clear with no problems. When TTY Mode is not activated, your phone will allow you to talk to whoever you wish, but will then charge the battery until the next incoming call. In other words, you can communicate to whomever you wish, but your phone will not charge because the battery is full! With your TTY Mode on, you can communicate to whoever you wish, but your phone will not charge because the battery is full!

So what are some good uses for this? If you are looking to send someone an SMS and you don’t have your Samsung Galaxy Series device on TTY mode, you will be unable to tell if they got the message or not, since there will not be any sound produced. With your TTY feature, you can be sure that they did receive the message, as it will come through loud and clear. This also applies for any audio that is sent, as well. If you are on your way to a meeting and need to talk to someone, and you have nobody to talk to, and you have your TTY feature on, you can talk to whoever you want, even if they have not turned on their TTY device. There really are so many great ways that you can utilize this neat little feature of your Samsung Galaxy Series mobile device.

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