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How to Use iTunes Dark Mode Windows 10?

by William Beel

iTunes dark mode is a new option available for Windows computers. If you are running an older version of Windows, you may not see this option. However, you can enable the feature by launching iTunes. When it comes to changing the interface color, it is easy to do. Just go to the settings menu and click on the “Colors” option. Once you have done this, you should notice that it will make your computer look much better.

To use the dark mode, you will need to have a dark-colored computer monitor. To enable the feature, simply double-click the app icon. The window will open with the color option selected. Afterward, click on the “Dark” button. This will change the color of the background to black. You will notice that the iTunes lettering and background will be white, but the background will be black. This setting is good for using iTunes at night, when the screen may be too bright.

iTunes on Windows 10

iTunes on Windows 10 To use the dark-colored iTunes on Windows 10 Start, go to the Start menu and find the Apple logo. Select System Preferences and General from the top pane. On the General window, select Appearance. From there, select Dark in the Appearance section. The program will then display in a dark-colored mode. To change the color scheme of your screen, open Settings, and Colors from the search bar. You can then click on “Choose a default app mode” and choose iTunes dark.

You can enable dark-mode for iTunes from the Appearance menu. To make this change permanent, you can also change the background color of all apps by choosing a custom one in the Colors menu. You can use a custom color if you wish, but it is best to start with a neutral color for your entire computer. This can also make iTunes look much more professional. A dark-themed computer is always better for enhancing the appearance of your computer, so you can use this setting to enhance your computer’s appearance.

Dynamic Desktop

You can change the background color of your computer by using a program called Dynamic Desktop. This feature will automatically change your desktop to a dark-colored one when the sun goes down. If you want to make your computer appear darker, you can also choose the ‘Dark Mode’ option in the Windows Start menu. You can select a different color for your desktop depending on your needs. You can set the paintbrush to any color you prefer by clicking on the “Appearance” option.

To enable iTunes dark mode, go to the System Preferences menu and select the Appearance tab. This will display the different levels of the dark domain. There are a variety of ways to access this option and configure the settings to suit your preferences. This will save you a lot of time and make your PC look more attractive. The iTunes app is designed for your convenience. You can find it on any device and enjoy the dark theme with iTunes.

Enable from Setting Menu

iTunes Dark mode can be enabled in the Windows settings menu. You can choose the color scheme you like for the application by clicking on the colors option. Alternatively, you can set the background color to be gray instead of black. You can also change the font to match the font color. The colors option is where you will change the font and text style. The colors will change to a darker shade. This is the best way to customize your background.

When you install iTunes dark mode on Windows, the default settings will be applied automatically. You will have to restart your computer to see your new settings. If you don’t notice any difference in the color scheme, the dark mode is not activated. The app will not appear in the settings if you don’t make any changes to the settings. To test whether it works, you should launch iTunes and click on the “Dark Mode” icon. This option will be displayed when iTunes is launched in a dark mode.


Once you have installed iTunes dark mode Windows 10, you can use it on your computer. The feature will be active by default and should work automatically in most situations. If the program keeps switching back to the normal mode, try reinstalling iTunes. This will fix the issue and allow you to enjoy your music in the dark. If you don’t like the default settings, you can also change the settings of your operating system. It will be easier to navigate through the darkened version of iTunes on Windows if you have this feature.

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