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Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Technology-Futuristic Version of OCR

This can be see that the world is going ahead and the methods of doing breaches are also getting advance, which causes difficulty for the systems and end-users. The security from such frauds is compulsory, for that ICR Technology is introduce. ICR solution is use for the prevention of crime. This software is a very efficient and enhanced form of OCR which extracts data accurately with no error. This app is designe to capture data from images and documents in every handwriting, font, and style. 

Why The Need For ICR Algorithm?

All organizations need advanced technology that can work in less time with accuracy for the extraction of data from an image or a document. This can diminish human errors. For this ICR reader is introduce which helps to extract out data from an image and a document to screen out fake identities. This process is require in multiple sectors like banks, corporate organizations, healthcare departments, and financial institutions. OCR and ICR  software are both considerefor data extraction but the ICR reader is more efficient than OCR compliance. The reason for this difference is that the OCR can only abstract the data from images and documents and change it into machine-readable form but ICR has enhanced compliance which can also detect the style and format of text in documents. 

ICR recognition is use in various technologies for the purpose of machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to show the texts in images by predicting the fonts and styles of handwriting and deliver more real results to users. This intelligent character recognition reader focuses on the accuracy of the texts. This ICR App detects the arrangement of handwriting style and font by an AI-based model. This ICR engine raises its database. By all this, it can be assume that systems are working properly with accuracy. 

Difference Between OCR And ICR 

technology used for data extraction and ICR is an enhanced form of OCR. OCR compliance is structure for data evocation from an image and document but ICR not only extracts data, but it also recognizes the font and style of handwriting. OCR technology has a limited ability to corporate the details in the documents whereas the ICR is efficient in finding the details in documents. 

The Process of AI Text Recognition – ICR Services

ICR Technology is a service that gathers text from handwritten documents. Then it scans the details from it.  The procedure is given below;

  • The client shows their ID in front of the camera. Scanner ICR scans the document and captures the data from the identity document like name, date of birth, etc.
  • The end-user is aske to put forward their handwritten consent according to the instructions of the institutes. Then that text is verified properly.
  • The extracte information is identifie and the data is sent to the bank. 

Data Extraction Through Automatic Mechanism

This process of capturing the data helps to save time and access the fake data automatically in businesses and different organizations. This way of capturing the data also conserves the expenses which are use for the hiring of employees for the entry of data. 

Use Cases of Intelligent Document Recognition

Intelligent Character Recognition analyzes the data from an image or any document written in any writing. Documents Verification helps to observe the fake identity of documents. This ICR Technology is considere very beneficial for businesses as it is also used for form filling. In the past, the extraction of data was hard. But now the data extraction mechanism is helping the whole world in the extraction of cursive handwriting. The approaches of ICR Recognition are also at the industrial level which is given below;

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) embrace these ICR engine systems globally
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)  is use in the services of Optical Mark Recognition to streamline working place procedures 
  • ICR solutions are use for the formation of an electronic environment
  • This ICR reader is usually use in financial sectors and banks. 
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) services are use at the industrial level for the entries of credentials on a large scale and to get rid of human errors. 


Intelligent Character Recognition makes OCR compliance more effective. As it identifies the font and style of writings. The OCR and ICR software upgrades the procedure through artificial neural networks to eliminate the process of onboarding from documents. Industrial and healthcare sectors are also using ICR recognition for better and fast services effectively for processing customer data with extravagant accuracy rate.