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Bitrix24 Reviews on the Document Management System and its Features

by William Beel
Bitrix24 reviews

Working in teams requires close collaboration and one of the requirements is document management. Usually, colleagues have to send attachments back and forth which can result in multiple versions of the same file. This can cause some confusion and complicate a process that should be stress-free. According to Bitrix24 review, there is an easy way out and no reason for the user to sort through different files to find the information they need.

Collaboration Mistakes Made by Teams

Once the team has revised their document and created the final version it is supposed to be submitted to the team members or supervisors for feedback and approval. This rewarding work you have done can all end up going down the drain. Collaboration does not have to be a difficult process and the biggest mistake teams make is not having a system to assist with document management.

The inconveniences brought on by collaboration are usually a result of emailing and sending documents back and forth. This can make a mess of the workflows and results in different ways the process breaks down.

Too Many Versions

When there are several different people working on a single document then they are most likely to send it back and forth through email. This means there will be more than one “final” version of the file and it will take users a lot of time to figure out which is the most recent one.

Inability to Track Changes

Another problem because of multiple people working on the same document can mean it will be difficult to keep track of who made what changes to the file. This means there is no ownership for the work or accountability for any of the mistakes.

Slow Response

It can take time for an employee to check their email and respond to it in the appropriate manner. When the users are downloading a document, they might not get to it right away and it will sit on the hard drive. This means work keeps piling up and leads to a delay.

These processes are outdated and no growing team should rely on email as their primary mode of communication. In the era of instant messengers and cloud-based storage, there are much better solutions available. Bitrix24 reviews talk about the project management software providing users with the right tools and features to facilitate all processes. It offers a lot more cohesivity and comprehensibility to the project teams.

How to Collaborate with Bitrix24 Software

Bitrix24 is an online collaboration tool that provides a multitude of features to teams of all shapes and sizes. It includes automation options that are designed to help companies focus on the more important tasks. The users can sign up with a few simple steps and also invite others through email so they can begin collaborating in a better way.

Some of the stands out features of Bitrix24 is that it provides collaboration options and features relevant to project management and they include but are not limited to:

  • Group chats and messaging
  • Video conferences and team calls
  • Synchronized calendars
  • Live newsfeed with user articles, comments, and responses
  • Online cloud storage and shared drive

Document Management

One of the most sought-after features according to Bitrix24 reviews is the document management option. It provides an integrated tool with a similar software environment. The users will be able to collaborate online without any stress. The feature was only recently introduced to the platform but it has quickly become one of the most useful features.

Bitrix24 pricing provides users a fully-equipped document editor which includes the option to upload, create, view, and edit all shared files. These are made available to everyone on the team and even guest users. The software supports all the popular file formats such as docx, ppt, csv, xls, pdf, txt, and others. It gives everyone the opportunity to work with text information, share spreadsheets, and edit presentations.

Benefits of Using Bitrix24 Software

The document management system is not just another version of Google Docs, as it is mentioned in Bitrix24 reviews. It does include an online editor but provides many other options to users. The standalone editor is just one feature out of the whole ecosystem. The features include everything a user needs to run projects, manage teams, convert leads and fulfill all tasks from anywhere in the world.

Remote teams enjoy the co-editing option because they can easily write messages, schedule a quick meeting with their colleagues through the video conferencing option and keep track of all updates with the live feed. They do not have to switch to a different tool and can easily go back to working on the document whenever required.

Real-time Updates

Any changes or edits made to the documents whether it is text, spreadsheets or presentations will be updated in real-time. Others can be invited to collaborate on them even if they do not have an existing Bitrix24 account.

Instant Collaboration

No matter how many people are working on a project, they can all edit the document, see who else is working on it, and review any recent changes made to it.

Manage Documents

Bitrix24 pricing includes all the features users need to manage their documents from one dashboard. They can view any recent change in activity and monitor all updates. Users can also manage permissions and lock the documents to prevent anyone else from editing them once they have been finalized.

Share Data

It is much easier to share documents or files with external users as mentioned in the Bitrix24 reviews. Users can generate a link and send it to external parties as well.

Conclusion The modern version of collaborating on documents is now through cloud-based platforms. These collaboration tools have all the features in one place and keep projects from descending into chaos. We recommend requesting a demonstration and seeing the modules in person before making any commitments. Bitrix24 also offers a free version for small businesses, solopreneurs, and home-based ventures.

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