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Things To Consider When Looking For A Translation Agency

by William Beel
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Globalization is a significant move for any business entity as it opens up numerous possibilities and opportunities for exploration and expansion. In doing this, several things must be considered, and pieces must be put in place, including localizing your messaging. Your business or personal branding will need to connect with people outside your location, which means communicating in another language, where a translation agency can help.

Language is a barrier that every modern business aiming to globalize will face. Fortunately, today’s translation services market continues to grow due to the demand arising from various needs, including those outside the business setting. Nowadays, many translation agencies provide services to help move around the language barrier.

Since choices are abundant for translation services, the only thing left to do is to filter them. You’ll need to make the best choice so you can work with an agency that’ll help your business achieve your goals. Here are the things you should consider when looking for a translation agency.

An understanding of your needs

A translation agency should understand your translation needs. This entails determining your needs and ensuring you understand them yourself. That way, you can easily find the best translation service provider to help you better.

If you need to translate your promotional materials, you’ll need a translation agency that can precisely convey the benefits of your product or service and the call to action. When translating legal documents such as contracts, ensure that the translation service provider knows how to do it accurately to avoid violating the law or voiding the document’s legality. If it’s an operation manual, technical terms must be translated properly.

You should read translation samples to help you pick the best agency for your translation needs. Any capable provider like Lexcode Philippines should provide you with samples of their work to evaluate.

Availability of professional translators

With the continuous technological advancements nowadays, you’ll encounter agencies that advertise machine translation as a better way to translate written messages. It does have its advantages; however, machines can’t translate in ways humans can. So you should go for an agency with professionals who handle their projects.

Although translation programs are used to work on different needs, professionals are still needed for them to work. Human translators should still be the core of translation agencies because they’re more reliable. Machines should only provide support during the translation process.

Work with an agency with qualified linguists and translation professionals. In addition, you should think twice about engaging with an agency that claims any specific technology can fulfill all your translation needs.


Depending on the scope of your needs, you may need to have your messages translated to more than one language. Thus, you’ll have to look for service providers that can translate using multiple languages. Multilingual translation agencies should be able to manage projects in various languages and do them well.

Ensure that the agency you’ll work with has an excellent command of the languages related to your business. Looking at sample works will help you pick the right choice for multilingual projects. Depending on the documents or materials you need to get translated, the agency you pick should also be knowledgeable about appropriate translations for each of them.

Turnaround time

Translation work varies in completion timelines. Depending on the workload and the subject matter for translation, each project has its unique turnaround time. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that the agency you entrust yours to strictly adheres to their deadlines and accept penalties in case of delays.

A company that adheres to deadlines and accepts penalties for unreasonable delays values professionalism. It also shows that they respect your time and understand its essence. Besides those things, you can also look into their quality of project management, as it impacts the completion of your project.

Quality management process

As with any project, you must be assured that your translated assets are good quality. You can do this by looking into how an agency ensures quality translations. You can begin by looking at their packages and see if they offer proofreading and editing as part of their services.

In addition, you can also look at project managers’ qualifications. They’re the point of contact for all translation projects and spearhead them. See if they have the expertise to give you good results by looking at their track record and qualifications Translation Agency.


Language translation is one of the most effective ways to expand your business’s reach. If you’re looking for a translation service provider, you should only choose the best because the completed translation will affect your goals. These things should help you in making the right decision.

Angelo Castelda

Author’s Bio:

Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer from Asia. Besides writing, he also spends his time traveling and learning about diverse cultures and languages, which opened his heart more to learning and imparting knowledge about language translation.

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