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What Dinosaurus Has More Than 500 Teeth?

by William Beel
what dinosaur has 500 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Nigersaurus. This dinosaur lived in Niger. It was a herbivore. It ate fruit, vegetables, and grasses. It also ate meat. Its mouth was so big, it was called the “butterfly dinosaur.”

Nigersaurus Taqueti

The long-necked dinosaur known as Nigersaurus Taqueti had an impressive girth and more than 500 replaceable teeth. It lived 120 million years ago in the Republic of Niger. Its name derives from the French word ‘Niger’, which means ‘Niger’. It was a plant-eating dinosaur belonging to the Saurischia group, and its teeth were lined.

This amazing dinosaur had teeth that were specifically shaped to trim food close to the ground. The French paleontologist Philippe Taquet named the dinosaur after it was found in Niger in 1976. The name was given to the animal to create awareness of its existence. The teeth are the best-known feature of the Nigersaurus, and they can still be found today! This amazing discovery of a prehistoric creature is truly awe-inspiring!


Did you know the sauropoda had more than 500 teeth? Its skull was remarkably delicate. It was less than two millimeters thick and just 0.16 square inches in size, which explains why its teeth were so hard to shear. Its jaws were shaped to move up and down in a precise fashion, and the lateral tooth row and externally facing side of its upper teeth supported this. Its neck was relatively short, so its range of browsing was limited.

Scientists believe the sauropods were herbivores, since they had pitted teeth. Herbivores typically ate ground-level flora. During this period, grass did not evolve, so the sauropods survived by eating horsetails, ferns, and angiosperms. They also didn’t feed on aquatic vegetation or conifers.

Unique tooth structure

A new report details the unique tooth structure of dinosaurs. These prehistoric animals were part of a group of dinosaurs known as theropods, and lived around 100 million and 66 million years ago. Today, we know the dinosaurs from which we are descended as birds. In the new study, Torices and her colleagues modeled the behavior of dinosaur teeth using an engineering technique called finite element analysis. This allowed them to determine how the teeth were shaped and the forces associated with bites.

A study of the teeth of the Shantungosaurus and Triceratops revealed that both species had three-dimensional periodic features of ESs, which are paired dentinal tubules. While this feature is not found in other ornithischian genera, the lengths of the LES and SESs are highly similar. The three-dimensional periodic patterns of dinosaur teeth were correlated with the thickness of enamel and the size of a dinosaur’s jaw, and compared to the structure of the fossilized tooth, these animals exhibited unique tooth structures.

Relative size of mouth

Did you know that the Nigersaurus had 500 teeth? The mouth of this sauropod lived about 105 million years ago. It is not the largest dinosaur, but its mouth was remarkably large compared to its body size. It was composed of 60 columns in the lower jaw and 68 in the upper jaw. Dinosaurs had dental batteries that erupted in unison, so they could chew and spit. The teeth were made of enamel, with the outer side thicker than the inner.

There is some uncertainty regarding the age of the teeth in the jaw, but it is important to remember that the upper row of teeth was larger than the lower row. Also, the teeth on the upper row were not fully mature, and it is impossible to judge their size or maturity. The teeth were slender and oval in cross section, but they were all similar and identical. These teeth were likely replaced frequently, since they were so large.

Age of dinosaur

Many of the dinosaurs had more than 500 teeth, including the Nigersaurus. The skull of this dinosaur had two holes behind each eye socket, and it had a strong jaw attached to the top of its skull. These teeth allowed them to open wide and clamp down with more force. The age of dinosaurs with 500 teeth ended with the extinction of this type of dinosaur, which was known as the Tyrannosaurus rex.

A video of this dino with 500 teeth was uploaded on YouTube in January 2020 and went viral. A user on the video shared it, and it quickly received over 66k views. The meme went viral on other social media sites as well, including Tiktok. People posted the videos on a variety of platforms, and the satirical video quickly gained a following. The satirical video triggered a huge discussion on various political personalities.

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