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The Best Things About Owning A Dive Watch

by William Beel
Portrait of diver man in wetsuit putting on snorkeling mask.

Like cellphones, watches continue to evolve through the years. Nowadays, numerous timepieces on the market fit the mold of an individual’s preferences. However, the dive watch remains one of the most popular watch types ever made to this day.

Dive watches are or diving watches, are designed to withstand underwater immersion to a minimum depth of 100 meters. While that’s their main function, people also wear them for other things they can do. They’re also versatile time tracking devices, one of their most appealing features as a watch.

You can benefit from wearing a diving watch even if you’re not a diver. It’s a useful tool that can aid even if you’re not underwater. To expound on this further, here are the best things about owning a dive watch.

Versatility in style

Aside from telling time and other functions, watches also function as jewelry. Dive watches versatile style demonstrates that use. They sport a look that can be both subtle and intrusive, which you can wear with different clothing styles.

With that versatility, you can wear dive watches with your casual wear, formal business, and business casual clothes. You have different brands to choose from with dive watch models that fit different outfits. Some high-end brands to look at include Omega, Rolex, and Seiko.

Although it can complement the three styles mentioned above, you should consider avoiding wearing dive watches with a black or white tie. That style is too formal for them, and it will only contrast your outfit.

The rotating bezel

The bezel is the ring that encircles the watch’s crystal glass to secure it in place. Its rotating version is mostly placed on dive watches for timing dives to notify divers when they’re running low on oxygen. It also has variations where it can rotate unidirectionally and are also found on other watches like sports ones.

However, the rotating bezel on dive watches can still help you even if you don’t dive. You can use it for everyday activities like cooking and exercising. Once you know how to use one, a rotating bezel can substitute as an egg timer.

High durability

Dive watches are highly durable. They’re made not just for water immersion but also for usage in harsh environments. It can withstand regular shocks, dirt, sand, high-pressure levels, and magnetism, a common enemy of watches.

You can see in their rugged design that watchmakers focus on making dive watches as durable as possible. They’ll often have safety functions that make them more durable than other watch types. You’ll also see that most brands are continuously upgrading their designs to resist difficult conditions a watch shouldn’t, making new dive watch models highly anticipated.

Dive watch testing is also standardized to ensure only high-quality models released for sale are high quality. Manufacturers must follow the ISO standard for testing their new designs to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Easy readability

Since a dive watch is used for underwater immersion, you can expect it has reliable readability. The deeper divers go, the more difficult it should be to see anything. Thankfully, watchmakers enhanced the readability of dive watches which helps divers a lot.

A dive watch is designed for optimal readability even in dark places. Despite the absence of natural or electric light, you’ll be able to tell time with your dive watch. So even inside places like caves or unlit buildings, it won’t be difficult to read a dive watch.

Wrap up

Dive watches are helpful even when not used for their primary intended purpose. That’s why they’re popular for most watch enthusiasts and continue to sell even today. You’ll find them worthwhile investments because they come in handy on different occasions and tasks.

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