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Resolve the QuickBooks Error PS033

by William beel

QuickBooks provides a fantastic tool that allows businesses to streamline their payroll process. QuickBooks payroll is an easy-to-use module that comes with accounting software and includes a variety of other important features. However, QuickBooks payroll encounters some errors, one of which is quickbooks error ps033.

In this article, we will take you over the major causes of the QuickBooks payroll update errors, and discuss the possible solutions to resolve them.

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS033: Meaning

After downloading the most recent payroll update or while opening the company file, the user encounters Quickbooks error ps033. If the CPS folder contains any damaged or corrupted files, you may also see the Payroll Update Error PS033.

You may receive the following error message:

Error Code PS033: QB cannot read the payroll setup files. Or

Error PS033 is caused by a damaged file in the CPS folder.

Causes of QuickBooks Error PS033

The primary explanations or causes for quickbooks error ps033 are outlined below. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Damaged file:

The most typical cause of receiving the error code is a CPS folder containing damaged or malformed files.

  1. Renamed File: 

The QuickBooks payroll update errors may also be caused by a renamed file in the CPS folder.

  1. Payroll Subscription has been deactivated:

Another explanation for the error message in QuickBooks is the deactivation of the Payroll Subscription.

  1. Incorrect Service Key:

If you enter an invalid service key, an error notice will appear on your desktop screen.

  1. Inactivation of the Payroll Subscription:

If your Payroll Subscription is deactivated, you may receive the error code.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Files have a PS033 error:

Another explanation for quickbooks error ps033 is corrupted QuickBooks desktop files.

  1. Incorrect Employer Identification Number (EIN):

Error codes 033 might also be cause by an incorrect or invalid Employer Identification Number in your company file.

  1. Payment problem: 

Payment problem or improper use of QuickBooks.

  1. Incompatibility with Windows Version: 

QuickBooks Desktop is sometimes incompatible with the most recent version of Windows.

  1. Incorrect or invalid PSID

This issue can also be cause by an incorrect or invalid PSID in the company file.

Note: Please note that even if your Payroll subscription is deactivate, there is a chance that the quickbooks error ps033 will occur.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error PS033

After you have identified all of the causes or reasons for quickbooks error ps033, there are several methods for resolving the Payroll Error. Let’s check out the various solutions to such problems.

Solution 1: Download the most recent payroll tax table

  • Log in to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select Employees and then click on Get Payroll Updates.
  • Choose Download the complete payroll update.
  • Choose the Update option.
  • Check to see whether the issue has been resolve. If it has not been resolved, process to the next solution.

Solution 2: Change the name of the QuickBooks CPS folder

It is recommend that you update the QuickBooks CPS Folder since there is a risk that the CPS folder contains corrupt files. The following are the steps to rename it:

  • Navigate to C: Program Files Intuit QuickBooks 20XX Components Payroll CPS.
  • Take note that XX represents the QuickBooks version, such as QB2017 or 2018.
  • Simply rename the CPS folder to CPSOLD and check to see if the problem has been resolve.
  • You can now attempt to Update the QuickBooks payroll tax table.

Solution 3: Deactivate User Account Control

  • To open the Run Command Box, press the Windows + R keys together.
  • Enter Control Panel in a search box and hit enter
  • Select the User Accounts tab and then User Accounts in Control Panel.
  • Change User Account Control Settings is now available.
  • To disable UAC, adjust the slider to Never Notify and then click OK. 
  • Now go ahead and update QuickBooks Payroll.

Solution 4: Restart your computer and troubleshoot in Safe mode

  • Firstly, in QuickBooks Desktop App, perform a Verify and Rebuild Data.
  • Now try to update QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version.
  • Simply restart your computer in safe mode after that.
  • Make changes to the QuickBooks payroll tax table.
  • Start your computer again.
  • Check to see whether the issue has been resolve.

Solution 5: Data Rebuild & Verification

  • To begin, launch the QuickBooks App.
  • Now, select the File tab.
  • Choose Utility > Rebuild Data from the menu that appears.
  • Now, a backup caution window will appear; click the OK button to proceed with the backup.
  • Save your backup company file to your PC now.
  • To save it, press the Enter key followed by the Ok button.
  • Now, after some time has passed, click Ok.
  • Your Rebuild is now finish.
  • Now, verify the data to see whether there is any leftover damage data.
  • Navigate to the File tab > Utility Option.
  • Select Verify Data.
  • If you don’t see any errors here, just restore a backup.
  • Select the Restore option from the File menu. (Caution: Do not overwrite the existing company file.)
  • The fix has been implement.

Wrapping Up…

To summarize, resolving quickbooks error ps033 is not rocket science and can be fix using the steps mentioned above. In case the problem persists despite the implementation of the aforementioned solutions, you can connect with the concerned team for further assistance.

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