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Key differences between Data Mining vs Machine Learning

by William Beel
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Humans are very interesting creatures, we start analyzing, comparing, and differentiating things since our birth. It doesn’t matter whether the things are similar or completely opposite

we will still try to find the differences between them, which is the basic rule of life. You will be able to choose what is best for you when you compare it with the other thing. The introduction of new terms and technologies in the modern world has put all of us in a dilemma as people are likely to use different words interchangeably irrespective of the fact that the meaning of both words is completely different. The same is the case with Data Mining vs Machine Learning. There are few similar characteristics between the two, but they are actually completely different topics with their own uniqueness and specialties. 

In layman’s terms, Data Mining refers to a process of withdrawing useful information from a huge quantity of available data. Humans do it on various datasets to discover accurate and useful patterns between different items in a dataset. On the other hand, Machine Learning is the potential of a computer to learn by itself using various mined datasets. It depends on the use of algorithms to drive large datasets and learn patterns to make predictions about new datasets.If you want to get help for Quantitative Methods Assignment Help, there are many experts online for students.

In today’s article, we will discuss the key differences between Data Mining Vs Machine Language, their features, and why there is a need to study them separately. So, let’s begin with a brief introduction about the two:

 Data Mining   

Data Mining is referred to as the process of extracting meaningful information from a large number of datasets. It is a subtype of business analytics that helps in discovering various kinds of unknown patterns, relationships, and anomalies present in the data. Data mining is a tool that allows humans to discover new, accurate and meaningful patterns of datasets through the combination of various tools such as Computer science, Machine learning, Statistics, etc. You can also say that data mining is a subset of Machine learning that focuses on data analysis through unsupervised learning with the main aim of withdrawing information and using it to transform a business or an organization. 

Main Features of Data Mining

  • Focuses mainly on huge amounts of datasets and database
  • Creates Actionable information
  • Automated prediction of patterns based on behavior analysis
  • Prediction of likely outcomes.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the sub-type of Artificial Intelligence. It deals with creating different kinds of algorithms that learn directly from available data without being dependent on rules-based programming. Machine learning allows computers to analyze large datasets and learn advanced patterns that will later help in making predictions about new datasets. Machine learning algorithms improve themselves through continuous input of training data. The main motive of machine learning is to interpret the information and build models for the use of humans. Apart from this, machine learning plays a very crucial role in various fields of Data Science. With different kinds of algorithms and operations, Machine Learning is becoming an essential part of many popular organizations such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Google, etc. 

Main Features of Machine Learning

  • It generates human-friendly insights
  • Offers a diverse range of algorithms
  • Offers accurate and reliable data analysis
  • Provides extensibility for different workloads

 Key differences between Data Mining Vs Machine Learning

  1. While data mining is the process of extracting information from large amounts of datasets whereas machine.
  2. Humans do data mining based on various patterns whereas in machine learning, a set of rules and instructions is given to the machine and it understands and learns the data all by itself and later provides the desired outcomes. It is one of the main differences between Data mining vs Machine learning.
  3. Data mining came into existence in 1930, whereas machine learning was introduced in 1950 and its first program was Samuel’s checker-playing program
  4. Data mining is required in a number of fields such as web mining, text mining, etc. On the other hand, the uses of machine learning often include recommendations of products and services, prices, estimated delivery time, etc.
  5. The accuracy of the data mining results depends on how the data is collected whereas the machine learning algorithms produce more accurate and reliable results than data mining
  6. Data mining is a manual technique that requires the intervention of humans for making decisions. On the other hand, machine learning is a step ahead of data mining and uses the same techniques to learn and produce different kinds of datasets automatically. It is quite an easy and more time-saving process than Data mining. 

These were some of the main differences between Data mining and Machine learning. Although their characteristics are similar to a certain extent, there are some key differences between the two that we discussed above. 

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