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Top 4 Incredible App Development Framework

by Fred

Mobile applications are created for various purposes such as banking, gaming, GPS tracking, online shopping and the list goes on. Almost all of the task today can be accomplished by using a mobile phone app. Hence there is a massive requirement for mobile applications nowadays. These applications are created using mobile application frameworks. So, if you are looking to create some of these applications and want to know which framework to choose. With the help of which you can create taxi booking app, gaming app, social media app and many more. Here are the top 4 mobile application frameworks that are going to be discussed below.

Types of Mobile Applications

To begin with, you should understand the difference between three types of mobile applications; native applications, web-based applications and hybrid applications.

⮚ Native Applications

These types of applications are designed to run on particular platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows. The main objective of creating these applications is to make sure they deliver the best performance. Also, they can run offline as well.

⮚ Web-based Applications

Web-based applications are written with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To use these applications, you will need internet connectivity. They require very less storage, as the data is stored on a data basis on the internet servers.

⮚ Hybrid Applications

As its name suggests, hybrid applications are the combination of both native and web-based applications. These applications are created in order to support native as well as web-based technologies for various platforms.

So by now, you would have understood what are the differences between the various types of mobile applications. It’s time to now move forward and know about the top 5 App development frameworks.

1) Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is a framework used for mobile UI development. It makes use of Angular and Bootstrap to build HTML 5 hybrid mobile applications. So for those who are already familiar with angular and bootstrap,  using mobile angular UI is just a piece of cake.

2) Appcelerator Titanium

Titanium is an open-source framework that was developed by Appcelerator. It can be used to build native applications for various platforms such as Android, iOS and Universal Windows platform. Titanium makes use of a single JavaScript codebase.

3) Native Script

The native script is an open-source platform, which is developed by ‘Progress’ and was released in the year 2014. Using a native script, you can build both iOS as well as Android Applications. The apps created using the native script are built using JavaScript and TypeScript and they are totally native.

4) Phone Gap

The Phone gap framework is owned by Adobe systems. Initially, the Adobe phone gap was created Nitobi 2011 and was called ‘Apache Cordova’, but later Adobe purchased it and relaunched it as Phone Gap. With the help of this framework, you can create an app using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. It is an open-source framework that can be used by anyone and is free of cost.

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