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How You Can Make More Money As a Business Analyst

by William Beel
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As data becomes the new oil, the demand for business analysts who can help your business make the right decisions has skyrocketed. These professionals act as a bridge between IT and business and help businesses improve their efficiency by making the right changes to their business processes, products, and services.

If you are interested in making a career as a business analyst then you should know that it is just the starting point and not the destination. Your goal is to go from a business analyst to a senior business architect or branch out to a project manager or project owner. Your job would be to conduct market analysis and balance profitability with product lines.

In this article, you will learn about seven ways how business analysts can make themselves more valuable and earn more money.

7 Ways to Get a Pay Raise as a Business Analyst

Here are seven ways you can use it to get a pay raise as a business analyst.

1. Collect Data

Analyzing business data is like bread and butter for a business analyst. The only difference is that they do it to help businesses make the right decision but they should do it to evaluate whether they are overpaid or underpaid. There are many tools that tell you the median salary of a business analyst in your region, which will give you a better idea of whether you are earning a good or bad salary. Glassdoor and Linkedin insights are two of the best tools for this purpose.

If you are being paid less than the average, you should start looking for ways to increase it. Next, identify the reason why you are being paid less. You will be surprised to know that business analysts working in big tech companies tend to earn much more than business analysts working for smaller tech companies. There are many other factors that can also influence the amount of money you will earn as a business analyst.

2. Don’t Hesitate To Ask

Most business analysts are hesitant in asking for a raise which is why they don’t get one. If you think that you have a strong case for a raise, you should definitely ask for a raise. What will be the worst thing that will happen? Your employer will refuse to give you a raise. When asking for a raise, quote a percentage instead of an amount and ask for a promotion. 

It is important to prove yourself and show the manager that you can deliver more value to the company as they value employees who add more value to the business just like cheap dedicated server hosting. If you can prove your wish, they will not refuse you a raise. Make sure you can align your goals with your organization’s objectives otherwise, it will be difficult for you to justify your worth.

3. Prove Yourself as a Reliable Resource

Let’s say, you are not quite ready to ask for a raise or even if you are, you are worried that your employer might give you a cold response in return. In such a situation, it is better to wait and look for ways to make your case stronger. Think about the steps you can take in order to convince your managers that you are worth the raise. What really makes you stand out from the crew?

Invest in yourself, polish your skills, and attend conferences and seminars to get better at your craft. In short, make personal development a priority. Soon, you will notice that you are getting better at what you do. You can deliver exceptional results on a consistent basis. That is the time you should ask for a raise. This will drastically increase your chances of success.

4. Become an Specialist

Jack of all trade and master of none. You might have heard this on countless occasions but did you know that people who fall in this category usually fail to succeed in their careers. If you want to succeed as a business analyst and earn more money then you must specialize in a particular domain.

The more you understand build customer communication with the specific business and industry, the more valuable you are to an employee. As a result, you can also ask for a raise and get it. It will be much harder for an employer to replace you with a substitute who understands their business as you do. What’s even worse, the new employee might also take longer to settle and produce results.

5. Move To A Different Department

There are instances when moving to a different department might help you get a raise. Yes, this might seem like an ambitious move but taking the leap can do wonders for your career. Your current department might be limited due to budget constraints. Moving to a department that is more profitable or has a bigger budget can do wonders for your chances to get a raise. Yes, you might have to learn new skills to fit in but once you do, it will make you a more valuable resource for your organization as you can wear multiple hats at once.

6. Switch Jobs

If you are not getting what you want, you should do something you have never done before. That is to switch jobs. First prepare yourself by learning and polishing your skills and building up your network with myfiosgateway. Once the network is established then showcase your skills. Once you have managed to differentiate yourself from other candidates, you are more likely to get hired. Highlight capabilities that your employer is looking for and can deliver value to their business to increase your chances of getting hired.

7. Climb The Ladder

Business analysis is just the beginning of the road and not the end goal. When you think along these lines, you will constantly look for career growth opportunities to propel your career to new heights. Always join an organization which gives you a career progression path so you can gradually climb that corporate ladder. Even if you have to move to different disciplines such as project management, you should not shy away from it. 

How would you get a pay raise as a business analyst? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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