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Here is Why Online Receipt Management Is Better Than Traditional Methods

by William Beel

While it is common to use paper-based receipts, it comes with its fair share of troubles. Whenever you need to complete your expense reporting cycle, you need to take care of multiple processes and take care of all the upcoming invoices and also Receipt Management for later.

It can become extremely confusing and time-consuming to arrange your receipts all over again. Besides, if this process is done manually, you increase the chances of errors by 100x.

Some of the common ones include paying duplicate invoices, sending the wrong amount, or not receiving goods and services at all.

Avoid The Overwhelm

Handling receipts without an online payment software can become chaotic and there is still a need for cross-verification. Well, this can eat up a lot of time as you will also need to check the purchase orders and contracts. If you are a growing business, then multiple invoices and receipts will be left in circulation and lead to chaos and delays.

Security Concerns

Even if you are the most organized person on this earth you can still lose receipts. Worse case if they fall into the wrong hands, you will have a whole pile of unverified expenses and could land up in trouble during tax audits.

High Maintenance Cost

Companies on average spend $20 to process a single invoice. Besides, you will need more money to get your receipts sorted too. Another thing you will need to do is get approvals from various departments. This will cost you time, effort, and money.

You can reduce these by using free receipt templates.

Benefits of Using Free Receipt Generators

Here are some advantages of using these apps:

Easy Accessibility

Free receipt generators store information on the cloud and you can easily access them on any device at any time. Most online payment software is compatible with smartphones and you will be able to submit receipts with ease and enjoy a seamless experience.

Reduced Manual Intervention

Traditional receipt management methods need a lot of effort in data entry, collecting, and verification. But, using an online invoice payment software will help you automate the entire process. This, in turn, will help you save time, and effort, and eliminate chances of human error.

Quicker Reimbursements

With free receipt templates, you will be able to relieve your digital managers and finance teams of a huge burden. They will no longer to deal with multiple excel sheets and the collection of receipts.

Simplified Expense Reporting

Employees often dread making receipts because they believe filling out forms is a tedious process. But if you use an expense reporting feature you will be able to make the process smooth and easy.

Automated Receipt Approvals

Expense management solutions let you customize policies and workflows as desired. Once you have a clear process your receipt management will be butter smooth.

Custom Notifications and Reminders

Most online payment solutions help you set custom reminders and notifications to approve receipts and pending tasks. The software will help you send out reminder emails automatically and make sure all stakeholders are aware of the exact scenario.

Assured Compliance

As soon as you make a receipt, your chosen solution will check for policy violations in real-time. It will help you flag suspicious reports and notify clients of any breaches and also ensure you do not get into trouble with tax authorities.

Faster Verifications

Receipt management solutions will help you take action on all reports. This will make you audit-ready and keep track of all reported expenses with ease.

Access Advanced Analytics

When you check expense analytics you will be able to identify spending trends. You can also keep a check on policies and then keep a check on frequent violators and eliminate bottlenecks. This data can be extremely handy and boost your organization’s financial acumen and productivity. Besides, you will be able to forecast trends and take your business on a whole new level.

Managing Credit Cards

When it comes to managing receipts you will need access to bank feeds and credit cards. These solutions will help you avoid bottlenecks, misuse, and chances of fraud. It will also help you reconcile credit cards with card statements and eliminate duplications. Thus, reconciliation will be simplified and not scare you.

Multiple Third-party Integrations

Online payment solutions let you integrate with accounting solutions, tax management solutions and others to ease the job of accountants. Accountants can directly use these systems to sort their reports, stay tax-audit ready, and take up more projects.

Wrapping Up

You can easily make receipts using your online invoice payment software and get going. A free receipt generator can help you sail the tide and build a solid rapport with clients. So, get your online receipt maker today to manage your business smoothly and stay miles ahead of competitors.

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