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Now Choose a Full Comfort GAMING and OFFICE hairs

by William beel

Every day to sit at the computer and desk, Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain have become the world’s first and fourth causes of healthy problems respectively for office workers. Do not pay attention to sitting posture, lack of exercise, avoid exercise and other behaviors, sooner or later ushered in the sanctions of pain, not only affect the mood and work efficiency but also may lead to lumbar disc protrusion and other health problems.

GAMING and OFFICE chairs

So, how can office workers relieve shoulder soreness and “self-help”? An easier way is to choose a good chair specially designed for office workers and computer users such as gamers, coders, computer engineers, and others who sit at computers and desks the whole day.

ITANNI GAMING AND OFFICE CHAIR especially designed for office workers and gaming professionals- a supportive computer chair- a high-quality one with backrest adjustments, lumbar support, ergonomic design can ease the pain you have and keep you comfortably at your workstation. Can reduce long hours of sitting pain and keep you comfortable and healthy in front of your desk.


It is true that there are many gaming chairs brands on the market. with different quality and designs. ITANNI features of exceptional quality with modern design represent the gamer’s and computer users’ interest in fashionable styling, traditional craft, and durability.

The human spine appears “S”-shaped from the side and should have a forward convex arc in the neck and waist (as shown in the figure below). But many workers have to sit for long periods of time while working, bowing their heads, resulting in unnatural bending or tightness of the arc of the waist and neck, which is one of the reasons for repeated neck, shoulder/back pain.

The ITANNI GAMING and OFFICE CHAIR Ergonomically structured backrest and chair seat give your body the best comfort and supports. Effectively reducing long hours of sitting pain. The foam inside of the ITANNI gaming chair is cold-cure foam which means it is designed and formed with an ergonomic design. there are a big difference from others chairs’ internal materials. it is high density and environment friendly. the quality is not what you see from the outside, but what we used inside. We aim to provide high-quality chairs as we self are gamers and office workers.

Besides the foam inside of the chairs. ITANNI gaming chairs also use a high-quality steel frame with a built-in flameproof plate to ensure safety. the all-steel frame is completely clad in the high-density sponge flameproof plate to ensure durability.

ITANNI GAMING CHAIR uses a luxury car seat adjustment handle to adjust the backrest to a different angle for gaming working mode, reading, watching film, and take a nap.

ITANNI GAMING CHAIRs use a luxury car seat adjustment handle, which makes the adjustment smooth and safe.

ITANNI SEATS are stitched seamlessly, so no hiding dirty in the edge of the chair

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