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The Vietnamese noodle bowl: recipe edition

Unless you are living under the rock, you might have heard of the delicious and intriguing Vietnamese noodle bowl recipe. The dish is full of flavor, crunch, and tangy sauces. You can get an entire meal in this bowl, how do you make it?

The components of this noodle bowl recipe are:

  1. Vermicelli rice noodles
  2. Chicken
  3. Fresh herbs
  4. Vegetables
  5. Tangy sauce as a dressing

Now, let us proceed to the Vietnamese noodle bowl recipe.

  1. Making the dressing: The first and foremost thing that you can proceed to do is to make the dressing. Now you can add or subtract items based on your liking. You can combine the ingredients: garlic, rice vinegar, sugar, ginger, fish sauce, and so on. You can cook it till bubbles hear. The cool down and taste whether the dressing is to your liking.

It is possible to prepare this dressing even day in advance and then refrigerate it.

  • Baking the meat: The next step is to cook the meat. First, you will require to warm the oven. You can combine hoisin, oyster sauce, and canola oil along with the chicken.
  • Cooking the noodles: While you notice that your chicken is being baked, you can proceed to cook the noodles. It is possible to cook these noodles in a very simple manner, in a saucepan. The noodles will become tender with heat. You can drain the noodles. 

A key thing to point out here is that while vermicelli rice noodles are traditional to this recipe if you are unable to find it in your grocery store or online, you can opt for other noodles.

  • Cooking chicken: After the chicken is bake, you can proceed to sear it. You can arrange the chicken on top of each other and cook it.

When it comes to the protein, you can also choose to marinate it 30 mins before cooking the other aspects of chicken. You can marinate with lemongrass marinade to give it a kick of freshness.

Here, while we have chosen chicken, you can choose the meat that is base on your tastes. You can opt for pork or beef and cook it in the same fashion. If you choose to not eat meat, you can also opt for tofu.

  • After the dressing is ready and the chicken is cook well, we will proceed to assemble the bowl. Base on the number of people who are consuming you can divide the noodles into bowls. After this, you can add your vegetables such as carrots or beans.
  • Here you can also add herbs. It has been observing that a good number of herbs can really change the game. On top of this, add your desired garnish. Top it off with some lime and your dish is ready to serve.

This recipe is perfect for every kind of mood and meal. While it is filling, it is refreshing at the same time. It can be a favorite of everyone sitting at the dinner table, no matter which age.