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Designing and building the perfect kitchen dimension | Forevermark cabinets

by William Beel
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Forevermark cabinets

Before you start designing your kitchen, it’s essential to fully understand what the space is used for. This is a vital step for every architect. A kitchen is not meant to be considered a blank canvas. So, designers should realize that kitchens have distinct flows and areas of work.

Not only should the client specify the style and appearance, but also the module to be created. This will optimize performance and lower the manufacturing cost for the individual pieces. Before any space is built, it is necessary to measure each piece.

Workspaces are designed to facilitate the flow. There are five key areas that are essential for kitchen cabinets in Columbus.

  1. Pantry area:

Food storage, canned goods, and fridge

  1. Storage area:

Appliances, utensils & cookware

  1. Sinking area:

Cleaning area

  1. Preparation zone:

Ideally, you will need to have a lot more counter space.

  1. It’s a great place to prepare:

Stove and Oven

The kitchen’s primary purpose is to cook a delicious meal. Therefore, the kitchen is where you will find the preparation and cooking areas.

Types of kitchen:

This is related in part to the intended area of use for the design. These types are the most widely used.

  • Linear (or two parallel lines)
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped

It is therefore essential to understand the movements. When there is more than one worker, keeping the “work triangular smooth is essential.” It is better to avoid cross-movement. So, you can then make your space more intuitive.


Remember that your floor plan does not have to be just random bindings. It should have modules that adhere to a manufacturing pattern. The architect and furniture manufacturer may have a conflict if the design isn’t straightforward or follows specific building parameters.

Thus, the floor plan must connect directly to the upper room. In addition, all appliances must match the modulation.

The following components are required to make a module:

  • Lower Module: 1 bottom / 1 back / 2 sides / 1 shelf / 1 or 2 doors / base / frame bars
  • Upper Module: 1 Bottom/1 Back/2 Sides/1 top/1 Shelf/1 or 2, Doors/frame bars
  • Tower Module 1 back/1 sides/1 top/series shelves/base

To avoid any problems, modulation should be a part of every design. Because they won’t support the other modules, there won’t be any additional space for them. So, this makes installing other elements like electrical conduits and plumbing more difficult.

It is a common mistake to ignore symmetry when designing. For example, architecture can draw a vertical line to indicate the separation of modules from doors in a cabinet’s base. However, for symmetry, they place different-sized parts between them.

It is crucial to remember that exact measurements will help you construct Forevermark cabinets in Columbus and make them easier to install. Standardization is 100% related to the final price.

Standard Dimensions:

All measurements must always be taken about the appliances.


The standard widths of modules will change due to their use. They usually work in rectangle dimensions of 30 cm, 45 cm, and 50 cm 60 cm 75 cm 80 cm 90 cm 100 cm all measurements are taken at the module’s outside edges.

The dimensions of appliances are between 60 and 90 cm, depending on whether they are used as cooktops or microwave ovens. Many kinds of sinks range in width between 30cm and 90cm. So, the distance between module and appliance should not exceed a few centimeters.

The hardware used to attach a module to a wall will impact its width. If drawers can be made from metal, the hardware will determine how wide they are. Traditional drawer slides can accommodate drawers measuring 40cmx50cmx60cm. Advanced drawers can fit drawers in size. So, it’s important to note that soft-closed drawer slides can handle drawers up to 120cm in length. Therefore, it is a smart idea to purchase the longest slide possible. Additional accessories such as organizers (40cm – 60cm), spice racks (15cm-20cm), and hanging units (40 cm–85 cm) are available to enhance your kitchen’s design.


Base modules are measured to a standard height of 60cm. This measurement does not take into consideration the widths of the sides, which measure 58cm. An additional 1.8cm is added for door width. So, the countertop should not extend beyond the module’s thickness. This is so that liquids don’t drip on wood. Spaces that don’t have appliances may see the module depth decrease.

Upper modules come in two sizes, 30 cm, and 35 cm. Each one is different. If you are using a built-in microwave design, the bottom should measure at most 35cm. If the module’s depth is 30cm or more, the bottom of your microwave should extend at least 5cm.

Towers must be made with the 60 cm minimum base depth. It must be at a minimum of 60 cm in height. So, the stove should have a minimum of 10 cm between its ceiling and the oven to allow heat to escape. There are many options available for ovens. However, not all require an opening.


The height of the base modules is 90cm from the countertop to the ground. Since moisture can cause injury, the modules must not come in direct contact with the floor. Therefore, the minimum space allowed must be between 10cm-15cm. Adjustable legs are available to level floors that may not be perfectly level. The recess must not be further than 7.5 cm from the doors. 

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The upper modules are attachable to walls. So, be sure to review the recommended air exhausts for this project. Depending upon how far the exhaust is from a counter, each one has an air extraction quantity.

What size cabinet is ideal?

Cabinets are indispensable for organizing kitchen cutlery and providing space for food preparation. Without cabinets, kitchens will be devoid of countertops, sinks, storage, and another area. You should have to get the best type of cabinets like Forevermark cabinets. Unfortunately, there are no industry standards regarding cabinet sizes.

  • Dimensions of the base cabinet
  • Dimensions for wall cabinets
  • Tall cabinet dimensions


It is not always easy to arrange a kitchen. When choosing kitchen designs and layouts, be sure to measure the space. These are the main reasons Forevermark cabinets are standard-sized to fit typical high-rise kitchens. You should measure the distance to determine its height, width, and depth. The above-mentioned guide will allow you to select the best layouts for your kitchens.

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