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Ways to Add Visual Artwork to Your Space This Wedding Season

by William Beel
Visual Artwork

The wedding season is the busiest season ever. It keeps all the people busy with different things. This is the time to get ready for all the pomp and show. People love to meet with friends and relatives. That’s when we love to flaunt our looks and also our home to all the guests. A time of celebration is the perfect time to pay little attention to our home and transform its appearance of it making it look pretty. 

Does your home look tired? Do you think it needs a transformation before you could plan your wedding celebrations? This season, have a look at your home through a new lens by updating your home by using dulux paints. Painting your walls will remove the tiredness from your walls and make your room or your home look new and fresh. 

Easy Ways to Deck Up Your Space

Could your living area be more colourful? Maybe your bedroom looks for some personality. You may have many excuses to revamp your space. Well, you don’t have to. Applying a fresh stroke of paint will keep your home updated and create a fresh space for you to enjoy your place of stay. The following are some ideas that is perfect to jazz up your interiors –

Colour Wash – Colour wash is a wonderful home colour design that adds a rustic texture to the wall giving a homey look. In this technique first, a base coat is applied. After that is done, two coats of paint are applied mixed with a glaze paint. When applied in a random fashion, this gives a great appearance to the wall.

Ombre wall

This type of design on your wall will give a fog-like effect to the walls. Usually, this is done by marking three different sections and marking them with cohesive shades of paint. Then, all the shades of each section are blended together to achieve a foggy look on your walls.

Design with Polka Dots

This is an amazing way to add fun to your room. It makes the room light and casual. You can choose the size of the dots as per your liking. The Larger dots create a playful appearance while the smaller dots add a sophisticated feel to the room.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is a wonderful way to give a modern touch to your room. In the process of colour blocking, the painter’s tape is used to create different geometric shapes. After the shapes are done, you can fill them in with the shades of your choice. This is an amazing way to fill your room with a lot of fun using subdued accents. This also helps to add patterns to your space.

Double toned paint

Sometimes it gets confusing to choose between the shades. Have you ever faced that problem? The easy way out is to use both shades. You can divide the wall into two parts and create a two-toned wall design. However, the crucial thing to consider is to ensure that the two colours are complementary colours and that the colours need to pair with each other.

Painted Ceiling

Painted ceilings are best done in the bedrooms and the kid’s room. It adds a unique feature to your space. You can make it interesting depending on which room you are doing this. It makes you add a piece of entertainment to your walls.

Try out these unique wall design ideas, this wedding season and make your home look flawless. The wedding season is the perfect time to give your friends and guests some opportunity to appreciate your visual artwork and to flaunt your space.

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