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Custom Home Features That Add Resale Value

by William Beel
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Sometimes, after living decades in a house, it seems the time has come when you have to sell that old place and purchase a new one, maybe in a completely new country altogether! Well, it is always essential for you to know some of the features that you can add to your custom homes, which can increase the resale value down the line. Keeping some exciting points in mind will actually help you to improve the monetary value of your home to an entirely new level.

Floor Plan

Most buyers seem attracted to the split bedroom floor plan. It helps in isolating the retreat of the owner from that of the house. 

  • Now, parents with kids need extra space and extra rooms.
  • On the other hand, older people don’ usually need added bedrooms and will find the split bedroom plan to be a great helping hand. 

So, trying out the split bedroom floor plan will be a clever approach if, by any chance, you are planning to resale your house later.

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Exterior Style

Not just focusing on the interior of the house, but the exterior matters a lot. It provides that first-ever impression of your home and might attract people to come and take a look inside.

  • In case you have made plans to sell your house within the next 3 to 5 years, then curb appeal is something that you might want to consider.
  • Case of subdivisions, make sure to follow the chosen guidelines. In case you aren’t restricted, then regional design trends will be a great place to start looking for some ideas.
  • Don’t forget to check the exterior styles of the priced and same-sized houses of your area. Always remember that your competition is with them and you need to make your place looks stunning.


Whether you are installing a new floor in an existing home or looking for a custom home, don’t forget to check its lifespan. Even though looks play a pivotal role, nothing can beat the importance of durability.

  • So, always pick those flooring options, which can resist wear and tear from hyperactive children, pets, and guests. You never know who your potential buyer will be!
  • When it comes to the look criteria, focus on the materials and colors, which can work with multiple interior design trends.
  • Looking for timeless colors and materials will match nicely in your favor. For that, luxury vinyl tile is an excellent call to cover.

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Interior Design

Always aim for a color palette that will complement the multiple interior design-based styles. It helps the homebuyers will envision their kind within homes.

  • Always stick with clean and bright colors to make the place look more relaxing and inviting at the same time.
  • Don’t paint each room in a different color, as that will make it difficult to look around and will scare your potential buyers away.
  • Moreover, while selecting stone or tile for the fireplace, backsplash, and more, aiming for neutral colors will be a good call. 

Outdoor Spaces & Landscaping

A well-decorated and highly maintained outdoor space or landscaping will attract buyers like bees towards honey. While touring multiple homes in the market, people will look for the ones, which have not just a great interior but a unique outdoor space to venture into.

  • So, if you have the opportunity, try to add an outdoor space to your current construction.
  • It will help you to not just enjoy the outdoor space on your own when you are living but will improve the resale value of your home big time.

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