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How to Decorate your House with Asian Statuary Marble?

by William Beel

It should only be used to accent other pieces or keep them fresh. It shouldn’t overwhelm the eyes. A common feature in architectural history is the use of marble. The metamorphic material is still very popular among architects. Its unique color, patterns, and design have made the metamorphic stone a popular choice for architects in different verticals like residential, commercial, and hospitality.

Marble is an expensive natural stone that will bring elegance and class to your countertops and floors. Marble’s appearance can vary depending on where it’s installed. Type of marble finish you choose. The flexibility to open them to the sunlight is another advantage. An outdoor fridge or wine chiller is a great addition to make sure your wine bottles are always available. So, a fireplace can be used for winter parties and events. Are you interested in learning more? Let’s go!

These are some possibilities to integrate the best Asian statuary marble in the USA into your home.

The interior design of the house:

Marble has been used throughout the history of architecture and interior decoration. What’s marble good for? Marble brings elegance and luxury to any space. Here are some easy methods to incorporate luxury marble accents into the home.

1. Bench wins:

It is perhaps the most important area in your home. However, it is also where you spend most of your social time. A statement benchtop made of marble with accents is both elegant and sophisticated. So, the benchtop creates warmth and is great for creating social areas.

2. Furnishings:

Marble furniture can be strong, durable, long-lasting, and is extremely versatile. So, you can give your home a modern look with a colored marble espresso coffee table.

3. Accessory:

For marble interiors to feel cozy, incorporate marble accessories into the home. Simple accessories, such as lamp bases and flower vases, can bring a little marble into your home. Gradually add more accessories, like coasters. The final step is to finish the decor. So, decorating with marble accessories can give your home an elegant touch if it’s your first time trying interior design.

4. Bedspreads:

It’s a great place for luxury. A bed luxuriously swathed in silk or marble will make you feel extraordinary.

Marble tiles are timeless for bathrooms and kitchens.   Floor tile store in the USA featuring marble veins makes it easy to create an open, crisp space. The marble feature wall will make the bathroom stand out even more. Also when buying bathroom hardware things like Shower diverter valve, Toothbrush Holder, Towel Bars and etc always purchase from the best manufactures in your town.

5. Wallpaper

You can have the luxury and elegance of marble in your home without spending a fortune. You can make a room seem larger by using light-colored patterns that are reflective or small in scale. So, larger patterns and darker colors can create a cozy yet elegant feel. Marble wallpaper is a high-end option. You can keep your decor simple because your pattern will go far.

Exteriors of the house:

An outdoor kitchen can make outdoor gatherings more enjoyable as well as add beauty and functionality to your garden. You will see improvements in areas such as entertainment, appearance, utility, appeal, and utility. These countertops come in white and colored marble. So, they are ideal for indoor cooking.

1. Facades:

Facades play an important role in aesthetic and functional design. Mocha, travertine, and limestone are all popular marbles.

2. Landscape:

Marble makes a wonderful choice to decorate outdoor spaces such as backyards, front gardens, and large lawns. Because of its rough texture, it makes a great solution for balconies. 

Tips on how to choose the best marble design for your home:

Marble has always been considered to be one of nature’s most exquisite and luxurious stones. It is hard to beat white marble for sophisticated interior designs.

Marble flooring is an elegant choice. It lends elegance to any interior design. Marble flooring will not only improve the beauty of your house but also increase your property’s value.

Tip 1: have a purposeful mind:

First, think about the function of the room you are going to tile. So, every room is different, and so the marble that works for one room might not work for another.

Tip 2: consider all aspects:

It is important to consider all aspects of the room. For example, dark, small tiles can make spaces feel smaller while light, larger tiles can open up spaces and make them feel larger. So, keep this in mind whether you have smaller or larger rooms within your house.

Tip 3: keep an eye on the trends:

Warm grey, cream, off-white are the current colors in fashion. So, gray marble is a neutral base that can be used to create bold, colorful soft furnishings. These tiles can provide depth in modern industrial settings.

Tip 4: create spacious bathrooms:

It is possible to use white, sand, or beige as well as cream. So, you can choose from ceramic/porcelain, marble, or porcelain for this purpose. Larger tiles will make a small space appear larger.

Tip 5: Choose the best kitchen tiles:

Consider the kitchen as the heart of the house. Thus, tile selection is critical. Wood-like marble is the perfect choice for the kitchen or patio since they mimic the natural beauty and appearance of wood and can be used on patios to mimic decking.

Tip 6: use natural patios:

Patios, another commonly tiled space in your home, can also be confusing. The color schemes must coordinate with the adjacent areas. It should also be in harmony with the overall property style and create an overlapping effect.

Tip 7: choose the right vein:

Even though every quarry is unique, certain types of marble blocks can be cut in two different ways to produce different veining patterns.

Tip 8: get on the all-white rooms:

Many people will caution you against doing this. White marble flooring has a modern, sleek look.


It’s easy enough to choose the style of cooking and then to add the additional items. You’ll save money by not buying unnecessary equipment. As mentioned, all marble is a creation of nature. So, it is humans who create stonework within a certain design. Every finish can give you an entirely different look or feel to Asian statuary marble. There should be enough space to separate cooked and uncooked foods. I hope this guide will be helpful for you. 

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