Different types of Rigid boxes for packaging

What are Rigid boxes?

Rigid boxes, such as acclaimed gift boxes or low-strength boxes, are made of rigid cardboard and are mainly used for packaging premium products.

It is available in a variety of basic configurations, and designs for wrapping paper (interesting transparencies such as textured paper, paper-sponsored texture, or plain white paper printing) are virtually endless. Production and manufacture of solid boxes to order

Production of Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid packaging is a solid box on paper based on thick (usually 2-3 mm) cardboard, with a lid made of fine decorative paper. Custom rigid boxes are an environmentally friendly packaging solution. This type of packaging can be used for different products. These include snacks, teas, sweets, and drinks.

When it comes to rigid packaging, there are two methods. The first is called the snap & lock process. In this method, the entire box is broken into solid support that holds the entire product securely in place. To close the rigid box, a simple operation of closing the lid is enough.

What to consider when choosing a folding carton

Custom rigid boxes are probably the most common and widespread type of boxes. You can often see this in retail stores. Think of it as a typical oat

These boxes are delivered at a level for lower shipping costs.

It’s economical to produce

Easy to manufacture

Custom rigid box styles and product customization

The second is the push-pull packaging method. Rigid boxes can be filled with different materials and the customer has a choice of what to add to the box. Depending on what is added to the rigid box, it can contain multicolored transparent packaging, custom trays, and individual lids, printed with the company logo, name, and message. It is a more customized packaging solution and the only limitation is the customer’s imagination. Some hard boxes now have internal compartments for prints or laminated labels, so they are also easy to use.

Adding Snap-Lock On Rigid boxes

The third popular solution for rigid packaging is the push-pull packaging solution. The materials used in this type of packaging are the same as with the snap-and-lock method, with one exception: the rigid box solution uses the blue box method instead of the traditional clear plastic. This ensures a higher level of customization. Thanks to the traditional transparent plastic, it is easy for the customer to see what is in the box, while the blue packaging of the box keeps the contents hidden until needed. Because it is a popular method, it is often combined with the snap-on method.

Packing in a box with chipboard method

The fourth popular way to pack a rigid box is to cover it with chipboard. Particleboard is similar to cardboard in that it is strong and also has pockets or openings that allow for easy adjustment. Unlike hard boxes, however, chipboard is more likely to crack, so it will not be so portable or strong. Instead of cloth or paper inserts, most chipboard boxes have holes on the sides. These holes can be used to assemble your own labels and provide customers with an easy way to label products, cookies or other items.

Luxury Rigid Boxes with screen printing technology

The latest popular style of luxury rigid boxes is made by screen printing technology. Screen printing is a relatively new method of production, but many companies have already seen many results from the use of this technique. There are several different screen styles, but most companies use only one of the most popular designs, which are usually black and white.

Most rigid boxes are made from a thick piece of cardboard and the label can be added after the box is printed with standard designs. As this is a new innovation in the industry, there are not many options when it comes to colors, but many companies are starting to use vibrant colors, especially yellow, pink, and red, which provides some interesting customization options. .