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Top 4 Things to Consider While Purchasing Cushion Covers Online

by William Beel

As a homeowner, are you planning to purchase great cushion covers that will help you to renovate the interior of your home? If so, you should consider purchasing cushion covers online. There are a wide range of cushion covers options available online that will help you to easily transform the appearance of your living area. 

However, you should do some research to purchase high-quality cushion covers without spending too much. Before you purchase anything, keep in mind that your primary goal is to purchase cushion covers that are worth the money. Additionally, remember that cheap is expensive. Some products might look cheap today, but they will require higher maintenance costs in the future. This is why you need to consider a few things making a purchase. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 things that you should remember while purchasing cushion covers online. 

The Pattern

The pattern of your cushion cover is extremely important. The pattern will determine if the cushion covers are capable of attracting the attention of the customers or not. While purchasing cushion covers online make sure the pattern of the cover is harmonious with the sofa. Floral motifs or hand block prints are best in case if you have a wooden sofa with the traditional designing pattern. Apart from that, remember that geometric shapes, sophisticated cuts, and asymmetric designs aren’t ideal for traditional sofas. 

The Colors

If you have a sofa with deep colors such as maroon, red, or any type of dark colors, you should choose cushion covers of cream color with threaded embroidery. Darker outlines with light and soothing colors are ideal for sofa sets that have a lighter color. 

Remember that the color of cushion covers will determine the beauty of the cushions. Even if you choose the best material, the cushion covers will look dull if you choose any irrelevant color. As the design option is unlimited, consider choosing colors based on the atmosphere of your house. As per the Art Career Project, cool and warm colors will create a mood in a room.

Look at the Material

The material plays a big role in the selection process of cushion covers. This is because the fabric should be hard enough to look as good as possible even after multiple washes. As cushions will primarily be used by guests and homeowners, they need to be robust. Additionally, the fabric should not catch debris or other dust materials easily. Cushion covers are available in a variety of materials such as linen, silk, cotton, etc. Most buyers prefer pure cotton covers or 100% cotton covers as they are extremely durable and easily washable. However, most of the cotton cushion covers are combined with other fabrics to increase durability and strength. 

Consider the Size

You have to choose cushion covers that are appropriate for the size of your sofa set. Additionally, the size of the cushion covers should also be relevant to the room. You can find cushion covers in the market that varies from 16 x 16” and 24 x 24”. These sizes are known as standard cushion cover sizes. However, if you don’t find the perfect size of your cushion covers, you can easily customize them. 


These are the top 4 things to consider while purchasing cushion covers online. While buying the covers, make sure you purchase the hand-made variants. Bit, if you have a lower budget, you can also go for ready-made cushion covers. 

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