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by William Beel
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Zero Two was a famous Chinese girl who rose to fame after appearing in the Star Wars movies. She was the girlfriend of Luke Skywalker (Jsagger) and also the mother of his child Yoda. In Episodes IV and VI of Star Wars the Emperor has Zero Two as an apprentice. When she is not in costume or performing on stage, her holographic image can be seen floating in space. The character has become one of the most popular of all time for a number of reasons.

Firstly she became a beloved character because she was beautiful and attractive. She has long, black hair and white skin and looked extremely regal. Fans fell in love with her simply because she oozes class and that is what the majority of people felt when they first saw her. Her appearance and attitude made her instantly desirable. A red-headed, horned Chinese girl, Zero Two earned significant popularity following the success of the series and spawned multiple derivative Memes like “Zero Tuesday”, “Yoda is my life” and “I am your girlfriend, daddy, and everything else”.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, she is called Rydia. Some fans are irate because Rydia lacks any visible facial features and this irrationally made her seem more appealing than the anime’s female characters. White fur, black hair, and red skin; it did not take much to make Rydia look appealing. It was precisely these characteristics that made Zero Two such a fascinating and beloved figure in the English speaking world of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! community adores Zero Two because she was the tallest and strongest girl in the team, she possessed incredible martial arts skills, and she always wore a cute little red uniform that had red horns on the sides. She also had long black hair and light skin, two characteristics which Asian girls do not have (although many do).

A lot of have criticized Zero for her best design and some claim that she was not as strong as the other main characters, contributing to the poor image of Asian women in Japan. However, fans have dismissed such criticisms by asserting that Rydia lacked personality and went through several personality changes throughout the show. As the show progressed, she became more confident and outgoing, devoting herself to her studies and learning the ways of the Ninja. This gave her a different look from other female characters, and some argue that she looked more feminine than the other female characters.

Another criticism of Zero Two revolves around her lack of personality. Masane Amaha, the female lead in the anime, is the only one of the main cast with defining characteristics, and her personality is undeniably attractive. Despite this, the other girls in the squad are often forgotten or given less screen time than their more developed female counterparts. Some of the female characters in the anime have absolutely nothing on their personalities, including Zero Two herself. The fact that the female protagonist is poorly developed does not help with her character development whatsoever.

There is one thing that does stand out about Zero Two though, and that is the writing. The script for this anime series was praised for being imaginative and creative, with many critics calling it a masterpiece. The plot for this show did not advance in any significant way throughout its run, but instead remained interesting throughout each episode. The fan base for this anime series steadily increased after the first few episodes, which resulted in the creation of an anime series that is now popular worldwide. The animation quality for this series remains high, even in its later years.

Zero Two was a well-received Japanese animated television series, debuting in September of 2021. Many praised the pilot for its innovative design and unique animation style, while others were critical of its lack of character depth and overall appeal. Despite these flaws, Zero Two is still highly acclaimed as a great animated comedy and was one of the best-animated shows of 2021. For those interested in this classic anime, it can be found streaming online on a number of websites. For those who would like to see the full length version, the anime series can also be streamed on YouTube.

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