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What Does the New Year’s Eve Symbolize?

by William beel

The traditional New Year’s Eve sees the start of festivities around the globe. The traditional masks, fireworks, celebration, and bars offer an excellent opportunity to have fun in spite of everything else going on in one’s life. In some parts of the world, however, this day also marks the start of the Advent season. Many Christians mark the start of the fasting period before receiving the gift of salvation from Christ. While New Year’s Eve celebrations are shared around the world, some also choose to observe the momentous occasion by celebrating what they consider to be a religious holiday.

In the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Eve is on 31 Dec. For many people, New Year’s Eve marks the start of another ancient Christian festival – Epiphany. In many areas, New Year’s Eve is also celebrated at midnight, when many ancient peoples celebrate the coming of Christ. In Christianity, the celebration of Epiphany sees two wise men traveling to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Upon arriving, they pray to God for all eternity and then hand Him a lantern, which he uses to symbolize the sign that he is about to bring to the world.

The people of Israel celebrate the sending of the Hebrew letter Kaddish, which literally means “school.” They do this by tying a string around their neck and lighting ahanot – a kind of lamp – each night before dawn. The first person to do so in front of other people on this night is said to be Balaam, who is the father of peace. Balaam’s brother, Abimelech, performs the ceremony. Others add special prayers and songs to the occasion.

Throughout the week leading up to New Year’s Eve, many people decorate their homes and gardens with twigs, flowers, and other decorations. It is common to place new branches in the trees and to hang new clothes on the bedding. This is a time to rejoice. It is a time for drinking and eating foods that are deemed to have curative properties. This is especially true of food eaten during the first three days of the fast, when it is believed that it can help strengthen the body. Wine and cakes are also given to guests as symbolic gestures of hope.

The first night of the New Year usually sees a lot of revelry, whether parties are held indoors or outdoors. Large groups of people dance the night away in the streets, throwing caution to the wind as they enjoy themselves. This usually involves loud music, dancing, drinking, and strong language. Many people wear masks and special clothing to further emphasize the festivities. Fire engines, fireworks, and other loud sounds are common place.

Another important part of the evening is the meal. People traditionally prepare food according to the lunar cycle. Chinese people believe that the moon has a large effect on the size of a person. Therefore, when the new moon comes, they eat larger amounts of food. Japanese people use a small amount of food when celebrating the new year, but both cultures believe that it increases vitality and improves health.

Many people visit family and friends, as well as taking part in other cultural traditions. It is customary to exchange presents between families. Gifts may include anything from electronic items, tools, beautiful pieces of art, money, or beautiful flowers. In some places, people use their roofs to hold up presents, such as on poles surrounding a house in China.

If you are planning to attend any of these celebrations, make sure to be safe. Wear a head protection if you decide to go out after dark. Take along some brightly colored lights to light the way ahead. Drink plenty of water and consume food that is nutritious. And of course, have fun!

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