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What Are Promo Codes and How to Use It?

by William Beel
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A promo code is a combination of symbols that gives the right to purchase a product or service on special conditions, for example, a discount for a specific product or for the entire amount of an order. Unlike discounts on goods, which are visible to all visitors of the site and portal, only those who have received the promo code from the seller can use the promo code.

You can create millets discount code to send to your customers, and customers can enter the received promotional codes in their shopping cart and receive discounts on orders. The use of promotional codes is available in the shopping cart in the desktop and mobile versions of the site and on the portal.

A promo code is an additional way to promote your products, and you can decide for yourself what restrictions to set, how and to whom to provide discounts using a promo code.

You can distribute promotional codes to customers in any convenient way, for example, using email newsletters or social networks. The Market offers Simple Mailing and Send Pulse Web Push applications, with which you can send promotional codes to your customers.

You can create promo codes with your own name (for example, springsale19) or generate random promo codes. Discounts for a promotional code can be both in percentage (for example, 5%) and in monetary terms (for example, UAH 50).

Basic Information

The block displays fields with basic information:

  • Share name – the name of the share must be unique;
  • Promotion type  – so far only the “Promocode” type is available;
  • Discount  – indicate the amount of the discount and its type: in monetary terms or as a percentage;
  • By promo code – enter your promo code or click the Generate button to create a random set of symbols for the promo code.
    Any characters can be entered. The entered promotional code must be unique.
    The generated promotional codes are unique within the company.
  • The promotion is valid for – select the products for which the promotional code is valid: for all products, for groups of products or for individual products.

If it is established that a promotional code for all products in a group (except for discounts and wholesale prices) and the main product matches the criteria for a promotional code, but this product has a discount or a wholesale price or price in foreign currency as a gift, the promotional code will not be applied.

Restrictions on use

The block indicates the restrictions in the promotion:

  • flag  Restrictions on the total number of uses of the promo code  – check this flag if you want to set the maximum number of uses of the promo code, and enter the number in the displayed field.

    After the specified number of uses has been reached, the promotion will automatically switch to the “Completed” status, and the promotional code in the basket will no longer be applied.
  • flag Discount is valid for the minimum order amount  – check this flag if the discount should be valid for a certain minimum order amount, and enter the minimum amount in the displayed field.

    For orders less than the set amount, the promotional code will not be applied
  • checkbox Do not apply promo code for products with a valid discount – check this flag so that no discount is applied for products that have already been discounted using the promo code. The flag is checked by default.
  • checkbox Do not apply promotional code for wholesale prices – check this box to exclude discounts for goods purchased at wholesale prices using the promo code. The flag is checked by default.
  • Promotion expiration date – set the start date of the promotion. Please note that you cannot set the start date earlier than the current date.

    If the Set end date flag is set, you can set the end date as well. If the end date is set, then upon completion the promotion will automatically switch to the “Completed” status, and the promotional code in the shopping cart will no longer be applied.

    If the start date of the promotion is set in the future, the promotion will automatically receive the “Planned” status.
  • Flag Set an end date – check this flag to indicate the end date of the action. Otherwise, the promotion will be unlimited.

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