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How to Provide Healthcare to Your Clients via an App

by William Beel
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Developing a well-designed healthcare app can save millions of lives. Ensure that your app works well by considering the following steps.

 Envision the kind of app you want to design

Before designing a clinic management app, one should know how your vision viably fits the e-health space. Following options could be taken into account before you jump right into building a healthcare app. Would you want to have a healthcare chatbot? Are you looking for an app that has phone-to-text capabilities?

How about having medicine or prescription alerts?

Do you prefer the geolocation feature incorporated in the clinic management app?

Before you start developing the app, it is vital to have a clear picture of what you want in the healthcare app and whether it is viable. To help you better understand the kind of healthcare app you want, skim through the types of clinic management apps as follows. The medical assistance applications these applications provide access to the Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Healthcare Records, including the record of all kinds of laboratory reports, patient’s checkups, follow-ups, and the complete medical history. Such applications help out a medical practitioner in their in-hospital examination

The Scheduling applications

These applications assist the managers or supervisors in keeping track of the clinical schedule. It also works as a reminder for daily appointments. These apps ensure the smooth running of the administration. They notify patients of their follow-ups.

The remote surveillance applications

Such applications transfer the patient’s medical record upon request to a healthcare practitioner in a distant place. The expert uses the information to diagnose patients after accessing medical history.

Medical resource applications

Such applications are helpful for healthcare practitioners as they rely on medical references, clinical guidebooks, or other medicine-related information

Health and wellbeing applications:

These applications cater to people wanting to work on their general health and wellbeing. Such apps share tips for a healthy lifestyle that requires a change in diet, a workout routine, and meditation. After reading these types mentioned above, decide the kind of app you want to have and then proceed towards its development.

Narrow down the essential functions of the healthcare app

Once you have a clear idea of the type of application you want to build, you may shortlist the basic functionalities of the app that meet the demands of the consumer’s market. For instance, a medical resource app does not require multiple boards that show statistics, but medical assistance or a lifestyle app might.

Enlisted are a few functionalities customers may need as per the categories:


 Clinical management app dashboards are helpful for independent practitioners as well as healthcare units. They enhance administrative operations and clinical efficiency.

Analytical functions:

An app that uses analytics to track and review progress can be a valuable addition to the application’s functions. It minimizes reporting errors and adds convenience to both the healthcare experts and patients.

Virtual diagnosis:

An online video call session between the doctor and patient can be an added functionality of the app. 

GPS to track nearest healthcare facility:

Global positioning helps patients locate healthcare units near them at the comfort of their homes.

Doctor/patient interface board:

Such a board provides access to doctors and patients to exchange notes related to medications or follow-ups.

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Choose the right platforms or devices to support your app

Devices like tabs, android phones, and smartwatches will offer consumers prompt access to the application. Targeting a maximum number of consumers is crucial- and doing so would require an app for native applications like IOS and Android. After performing analytics on all platforms, launch your app for the one saturated with the most consumer market. 

User interface accessibility

User interface and User experience should especially be customer friendly when we talk about electronic health apps. UI dramatically depends on the success of your application. The visuals should be easy to understand, straightforward for a seamless user experience.

Coding phase

By this time, you must have developed your market niche, considered the functionalities embedded in your app, and secured your app via excellent User Interface design and experience. Get an expert development team on board capable of building a custom app for you!

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