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Don’t Use Vingo App if You Want to Stay Fat

by William Beel
Vingo App

Are you fat and overweight? Do you like to see your chubby body in the mirror every day? Then, fine, stay fat. But, also remember, getting slim and fit will get you more people to admire you. This is why it pays to stay fit and people strain themselves for the same reason Vingo App too. To look good, not just for themselves, but for the world too.

You might think exercising is a hard task and you can’t keep up with it for a long time. But, fortunately for you, an amazing app named Vingo is available. This app can transform you in no time at all and it is not one of those mysterious advertisements about people losing weight in an easy way. This app will change your workout schedule into a more productive time of your day. So, we caution you once again. Don’t use this app if you want to stay fat.

Experience The Virtual Fitness World

Vingo is a virtual space that lets you explore different worlds on any treadmill or indoor bike. You can start the app on any computer or phone and start exercising right away. The way it works is simple. The app uses ANT+ sensors to assess your movements. For example, when you pedal, your bike sends information to the app, and your avatar mimics your speed on your screen. This way you can radically transform your work-outs and explore the virtual world while you are at it.

Create Yourself inside the Virtual World

The avatars are the digital representation of yourselves. You can just upload your selfie and the AI in the app will automatically design an avatar for you. You can equip your avatar to look like yourself and also add work-out gear, matching outfits and even your pets alongside you. This way you can feel at home while you exercise and also express yourself through the app.

Challenge Yourself with a New Workout

The best part of the Vingo App is that it helps you get fit in the most fun way possible. You can select your favourite locations on the map menu inside the app and also select the difficulty level you want. If you feel like you need to lose weight soon, you can select the hard mode or even set goals in the app. Once you enter your targets in the app, it will automatically suggest you with hard maps and challenges. You can get fit without even realising you are getting fit.

Get Help From the Best Experts in the Field

Inside the Vingo app, you can find scores of people training hard every day. Everyone comes into the virtual world to focus on getting fit and getting fit only. There are no lazy people inside this space. There are also expert athletes who login every day. If you are lucky, you can get to meet them on your map, or you can also explore the communities in the app to get advice from people inside. They too will guide you to train better inside the app.

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