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Vivaldi 5.0 Update- Two-Level Tab Stacks for Android Mobile

by William Beel

It is time to cheer for Vivaldi users as the 5.0 update is here to install. The Vivaldi 5.0 update has a lot of exciting features and options for Android mobile users. This includes some tidy features that no other mobile browser offers. In this article, we will discuss all the new features and options that Vivaldi users can enjoy in its 5.0 update.

Two-Level Tab Stacks for Better Tab Management

Vivaldi was known as a double-stacked browser as the feature was available for desktop users in its 3.6 version. In the 5.0 update, the double-decker tabs option is now available for Android mobiles as well. With help of two-level tab stacks for Android mobile, users now can enjoy an improved browsing experience and increased productivity. This is a very useful browsing feature for mobile users to provide them with tidy web browsing.

Along with a standard tab bar on the top of the browser, users now can create new tab stacks to manage too many tabs opened on the browser. When a new stack is created, a new 2nd tab bar is created below the standard tab bar.

How to Enable Two-Level Tab Stacks on Vivaldi?

To create a new tab stack, you need to long-press the new tab button in the browser and you will be shown a menu. Choose ‘create new tac stack’ and you are good to go with a new tab stack created. Dragging an opened tab onto the other one is another way to create a new tab stack for matching tabs. Once the new stack is created for an active tab, the other opened tabs will remain single-level tabs until they are not included in a stack.

Additional Tab Management Features

The new 5.0 version of Vivaldi browser for Android comes with some additional tab management features to improve the browsing experience for its users. You can show or hide the ‘X’ button on all the tabs opened in the browser. The cross button is displayed by default on the active tab. Mobile users often need to manage lots of tabs opened on the browsers. This is where Vivaldi’s new tab management and appearance optimization features come into play and help them augment the appearance of tabs. When too many tabs are open, the browser will display tabs as favicons. This frees up more space for other tabs and works well with the two-level tab stacks feature.

Go Big with Vivaldi on Big Screens

Vivaldi 5.0 update brings significant screen space optimization for an improved and better browsing experience on Android devices with bigger screens. Tablet and Chromebook users now can see built-in panels in the new update. This works similarly to how they work on the desktop. Kindly visit the auto IPTV playlist download.

Panels are used to access browsing details and features like downloads, browsing history, bookmarks, and notes. This allows users to use available space on the screen to see important details without compromising the browsing experience. The panel section also includes a note-taking feature that helps users take notes during web browsing. Browser’s translation feature is also improved in the 5.0 update. Translation of text is becoming a lot easier with Vivaldi’s latest version. A user can toggle on or off panels on the tablet.

The page-specific dark mode is another feature included in Vivaldi’s 5.0 update. The feature allows users to toggle on or off dark mode for pages or tabs of their liking. This makes browsing easier on users’ eyes at night.

Give Vivaldi 5.0 a Try Right Now

If you are an existing Vivaldi user or just want to try above mentioned amazing browsing features on your Android mobile, just update your old browser to newer version 5.0 or download the Vivaldi browser right now on your Android smartphone or tablet PC. 

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