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Instagram Last Seen Turn Off And On

by William Beel

As in this article, we will cover many topics such as turning off Instagram last seen, opening Instagram last seen, checking Instagram last seen. Instagram last seen not visible, how to turn off Instagram last seen? We will provide detailed information to solve all questions and problems. How to turn off Instagram last seen, Instagram has last seen, Instagram last seen, and Instagram saw? With this article, you will have easy knowledge.

You won’t need to search from titles such as Instagram last seen, but not visible, or Instagram saw off and on 2021. We have briefly compiled the feature of turning off Instagram last seen and activating Instagram last seen. How to open last seen on Instagram? You can continue reading our article below to find out.

How would you wind down the keep going seen time on Instagram? On the off chance that you are one of the individuals who are pondering, this article will work for you.

How to Turn Off Instagram Last Seen?

With more than 1 billion clients around the world, Instagram is quite possibly the most favored social medium stage around the world. Notwithstanding the way that more than a modest amount of the total populace utilizes this application today, many elements are proposed to clients inside the extent of the application. In this specific situation, the application brings another component consistently, showing its clients that it has a creative design and appends significance to refreshes on a case-by-case basis. The latest innovation of the application is the Instagram last seen feature, which attracts a high level of attention from users.

With the last seen feature being used within the scope of the Instagram application, one of the most curious topics by the users is how to turn off the last seen in Instagram? The answer to your question is coming. In particular, if users do not want to share that they are active in the application with other users, this feature can be turned off by the application. How to do this process has become the most curious process within the scope of the update made by Instagram users.

As it is known, the last seen feature of Instagram was introduced to the users of the applications recently. Within the scope of this innovation, the last seen feature, which has been available in applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger for a very long time, was also made available in Instagram messages. Since the Instagram application is not a messaging application like other applications, the application, which could not allow such a process until now, has led to the emergence of many different innovations, especially in the message section, with its use as a messaging tool today.

As applications such as Messenger and Whatsapp are designed and installed only as messaging applications, a wide range of options are offered for messaging if these tools are used. On the other hand, since Instagram is known as a photo and video sharing application, the last seen update to the application was introduced as a novelty recently.

What is Instagram Last Seen?

As expected, Instagram last seen is the new Instagram feature that shows when users were last active in the Direct Message section that allows direct communication with other users on the application. Within the scope of this feature, users can now understand whether the message they sent to other users has been seen, as well as know when the application was last logged in.

It is also possible to turn off this feature, as the last seen feature, which is reacted by some users, is offered as an option by the application. In this context, Instagram last seen closing processes can be done very simply and easily, and it can also be opened again. 

How to Check Instagram Last Seen?

Another issue that users who are new to this feature are wondering about is, of course, how to look at the last seen on Instagram? is the question. Since the feature has just started to be used within the scope of the application, users are also wondering how this feature can be used in an actual way.

To see last seen on Instagram :

  1. The application must be logged in.
  2. You should go to the Direct Message section.
  3. In this section, you should come to the conversation area where the desired user is located.
  4. Texts such as “active 1 hour ago”, “active now”, “active 1 day ago” in the conversation window show the last time that user was active.

As it can be understood, Instagram last seen viewing processes are extremely simple and easy, but they are the same as in other messaging applications.

Who Can See Instagram Last Seen Information?

Instagram has last seen information can only be seen by other users who are followed and DMed. In this context, users who send DMs, even though they are not followed, cannot receive information about the activity of the last seen. However, the situation is not different for public accounts.

In public Instagram accounts, other users cannot receive information about when the public account is active via DM. For this feature to be active, the updates made since December 2017 in the Instagram application must be made to the extent that it is foreseen. It is not possible for those who update before this date to use the last seen feature.

How to Turn Off Instagram Last Seen?

As mentioned, Instagram last seen closing processes are very simple and can be easily completed at the same time. However, it is possible to turn the feature back on after turning it off. In other words, in the most general sense, Instagram users have the freedom to turn this feature off and on as they wish.

Here are the steps to turn off last seen Instagram :

  1. First of all, the application must be opened.
  2. The profile owned within the scope of the application should be reached.
  3. For Android devices, click on the “three dots” icon in the upper right section and go to the Settings section.
  4. For Apple-branded devices, click on the “cog” icon in the upper right and switch to the Settings section.
  5. To go down the list that appears after these operations, it is necessary to scroll down.
  6. The “Show Activity Status” option at the bottom should be deactivated.

After these processes are completed, the Instagram last seen feature will also be turned off.

What Happens When Last Seen is Disabled on Instagram?

As it is known, turning off the last seen feature in all messaging applications is presented to the freedom of users. Again, as in all applications, if the last seen feature is turned off on Instagram, the account that has the feature turned off cannot see the last seen of all other users. Therefore, as stated, if this feature is disabled, it is not possible to have the last seen information of other Instagram users. This is the only negative that can occur if the Instagram last seen feature is turned off.

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