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by William Beel
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What an EHR Software Can do for you

These days EHR software is employed at any given medical practice because of all the convenience they bring with them. Almost every medical practice or medical-related facility in North America these days uses some kind of medical software solution to help with their day-to-day activities. 

From helping you optimize your patient schedule so that you are able to see the maximum number of patients in a day to help you complete patient forms in no time at all due to better charting features and capabilities; these software speed up your processes and reduce any errors you might have otherwise made. 

All in all, with EHR software employed at your practice you can do a lot. In this piece, we will be discussing Meditech EHR. We will discuss everything; from Meditech features to Meditech reviews to give you a fair idea about this software so you can come to your own conclusion about whether or not this software would be appropriate for you. 

You Meditech EHR Features 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Revenue cycle management is incredibly important especially if you are a small or independent practice. With this feature in your top EHR software, you can be on top of your finances at all times. This helps you to forecast what your future finances will look like so that you can know whether you are doing well or not. Having a way to measure your financial performance is very important for small independent practices so you know what areas you might need to improve upon and whether there is any cause for concern.

Having a record of all the money going in and out of your practice helps keep track of everything and hence helps you build everything up. 

Scheduling Feature

Another feature in Meditech EHR that a lot of Meditech reviews talk about as being a game-changer is the scheduling feature. This feature helps you to be able to optimize your schedule in a way that enables you to schedule as many patients in a day as possible so that no time is wasted. 

The software automatically sends appointment reminders to both parties which also reduces the number of no-shows you might otherwise have experienced at your medical practice. And if a patient cancels an appointment last minute, the software uses a waitlist option to schedule a new patient immediately so your time is never wasted for a second. 


The next feature in Meditech which according to recent Meditech reviews has been incredibly helpful is the telehealth feature. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, a lot of medical practices saw that they were losing patients and had to shut down. But with Meditech’s telehealth feature, medical practices could still function by setting up virtual video conferencing. 

Instead of losing patients and canceling appointments; you merely shifted to a virtual platform. This feature helped physicians keep their practices afloat and also be able to extend their reach to patients who otherwise would not have been able to avail the doctor’s services due to geographical distance or any other similar situation. 


Templates are a very important factor in any medical practice because they essentially do half of your work. In Meditech EHR you can choose your template from the plethora of options at your disposal. This helps you choose the right template for your needs. And you can further make customizations of your choice to this template as well. 

Another thing about the templates feature is that it enables you to work faster because when you have a medical template that fits your needs, you can use it more efficiently as well. All of this aids in making you a better physician and making handling your practice more efficient. 

Health Forms

Health forms are incredibly important since often they involve informing the patient about what you plan on doing, getting information about their health and also obtaining consent from them. What this software does is enable patients to virtually access consent forms and read through them leisurely so that they can sign them when need be. 

This helps you to save a lot of time during your appointment as well since you can have patients look at their forms and sign them before their appointment which is very helpful overall. All in all, this feature convenience both you and your patient quite a lot! 

Meditech EHR Pricing 

If you are wondering what the pricing for this software is then we can give you an idea about it. While the company does not give specific numbers unless you ask them for a quote, the software should cost you a few hundred dollars per user. It is not exactly a cheap option but if several Meditech reviews are anything to go by, according to users the cost of the software is worth it in the end because you make up for it in no time at all. 

Meditech Reviews Meditech; is it Worth it?

Throughout this piece, we have alluded to several Meditech reviews which attest to the fact that this is great software. And this is true, the software has an average of 4 stars or more on most websites. All in all, this software is very much a wonderful option but we cannot make the final decision for you. 

The first thing we want you to do is to make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare that list to the features available in this software. If most or all of them are available then you should seriously consider this software as an option. 

Another tip we have is that you should ask the vendor for a demo of the software so you know what the software is like in action instead of just reading about the features; you can have seen them in action as well. 
We are sure whatever conclusion you come to about Meditech EHR will have been the right one for you and your medical practice. And hopefully if you ever do write any Meditech reviews yourself it will be a positive one!

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