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Guide to Finding the Right Leather Construction Gloves

by William Beel
Leather Construction Gloves

No matter what kind of work you do, every job deserves a safe pair of high-quality work Leather Construction Gloves. Add hand injuries into the equation, and you have a completely different level of complication. The only thing that can prevent these injuries is a pair of work gloves. In fact, they significantly reduce the risk of occupational injury – almost by 70%. But finding your perfect type and fit isn’t always easy! 

If you are out looking for reliable work gloves, you’d be surprised by the number of options available. While reinforced gloves work well for some jobs, they are far too clumsy for others. On the other hand, while rubber gloves are quite good for dexterous jobs, they aren’t tough enough. Different cuts, textures, and glove materials appeal to certain types of work than others. So, how does one find the right pair of work gloves? Well, let’s find out!

How to choose the best work gloves?

Finding the right glove is as important as finding the right tool for the job at hand, and this is why you need a pair of gloves that’s easy to put on – one that you can keep wearing for hours.

Keeping hands safe – At construction sites, the majority of the work revolves around building, fixing, or tearing down projects. Our hands are made of small bones, held together at numerous joints by small ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and muscles. So, while hands are great for doing lots of hard work, they are also quite delicate. Hence, a good set of gloves may well be your last line of defense against preventive occupational injury. Determine the most likely threats to your hands and go for gloves that are specifically designed to protect against those injuries.

Proper fit – Have you ever heard of the saying “fits like a glove”? Well, there’s nothing quite like a snug pair of gloves – one that’s tight enough to not come off in the middle of the work, and at the same time, loose enough to allow free range of motion. A pair of well-fitting leather construction gloves will protect your skin and hand from most untoward workplace incidents.

Get a grip – Safety is key in the construction industry. So, whether you use hand tools or power tools, a slip on the job can be dangerous. Make sure the gloves you choose for the job have the right texture, allowing enough grip to grasp objects. From traditional leather construction gloves to the more modern cotton gloves with rubberized palms, choose the one that best suits your job profile and would keep you safe.

Durability and comfort – While it is true that even the best work gloves would eventually wear out, you must find one that maintains the right balance between longevity and replacement cost. A cheaper glove may need quick replacements, but the ones that long last also charge a fair bit of premium. So, think well and buy accordingly. That is not all! There are many who think that work gloves don’t need to feel good, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While it surely isn’t one of the major factors that comes to the mind while choosing the right leather construction gloves, comfortable ones are easier to keep on for a longer duration of the day.

How to find quality work gloves?

Like all personal protective equipment, gloves too wear out eventually and need to be replaced. Thus, choosing the right glove will help ensure longevity and help avoid unnecessary spending. If you too need quality leather work gloves, feel free to get in touch with Your Glove Source. They have an extensive range of gloves suited for all kinds of jobs. So take your time and pick a glove that best suits your job. 

Protect your hands with a better set of gloves today. Call them now!

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