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Instagram’s ‘Create’ Mode: Easy Ways To Interact With Your Followers

by William Beel
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Instagram's 'Create' Mode: Easy Ways To Interact With Your Followers

You are here because you know about Instagram. So, skipping the intro and getting into the article. 

Instagram introduced a practical feature called ‘Create’ mode, which you could utilize by swiping left from the menu of your story. An experienced Instagram user concluded this feature as it’s a great way of adding text, drawings, and interactive stickers without sharing any videos or photos.

Here, we can know more about the create mode and how you could engage more with your target followers.

Use The Ask Me Anything Sticker To Know About Your Audience

This sticker works based on you, whether making your fans ask you something or share a question for them. Also, there are multiple question templates provided by the platform.

If you look for any external input from your potential audience, you can use this tool effectively. Generally, you need to bring out a question that most of the audience has an interest in. If anyone replies to your question sticker, it receives you in your message area privately. You could get it below the icon of view count in your Instagram story.

Then you could share every response, and they will get notified if you share their response. It directs an excellent way for good engagements. Also, it reveals you spend more time reacting to their reactions to the audience.

A famous brand on the platform used an ‘Ask Me Anything’ sticker quizzing their audience about the drink they will introduce next week. They utilized colorful images as a background and provided some clues using smileys for their audience to find out the drink. Then, they uploaded the correct answers from their audience. 

Also, the ‘Ask Me Anything’ stickers could be used in many ways. You can know your audience well, introduce your upcoming products, etc., through this sticker.

Utilize Poll Sticker To Test Your Ideas

Poll stickers on Instagram stories are the best part to test which product, topic, or campaign most of the audience wants to see next. Though it won’t get the same interest of your audience, you can make them select a one with providing two options they will be more interested to see.

Here too, you can receive the audience replies in your private message area. Also, you could get who votes, which answers below the icon of view count in your Instagram story. It’s helpful if you run any campaigns or blog subscriptions. Though you can get who votes which answers, you could target them personally with different content types.

Poll stickers are a great customer research tool. Instagram is the perfect place to check new services or products. You can utilize polls to get the audience’s exact interest to come up with the content that your audience prefers.

Share Your Best-Loved Things/Accounts To Follow

A significant purpose of this sticker is to provide two empty spaces on which profiles are better to follow. If you grow followers depending on a niche, it’s a perfect way to promote other profiles. Showcasing who you are endorsing or who you follow can be the best way to begin showing your industry, depending on the recommending account using this sticker.

This factor contains massive options. You could share the sound or music you have heard, random things, or interact with your fans via asking questions. ‘On This Day’ feature is another one that comes with this feature which brings you to upload a post or story you uploaded on the previous year but the same day.

Increase Your Audience Hype With The Countdown Sticker

If you have any content or product to launch, this sticker helps your audience to turn on the notification during the launch. It’s an excellent method for announcing content or product launch effectively. But a great challenge here is to bring your audience to turn on the countdown notification.

Excite your audience’s interest through this countdown sticker. It’s a perfect way to grow your audience’s expectations and bring them to your profile to check the product, event, or content launch continuously. It’s not only for product or event launches. Most brands utilized this for holidays, TV shows, sales, etc.

Whether it is a simple thing or a huge event, a countdown sticker is essential to drive the audience’s eagerness with quick & real Instagram story views for your sticker posts. And also, bring up the exciting title and options to cover the maximum audience to turn on your countdown notification. 

Begin Conversations To Grow In-Brand Time

If you engage with your audience regularly, it is easier to talk with them. This sticker brings your fans to begin a chat using the story as a primary topic. It could be the perfect way to start a group chat on specific topics from your Instagram story. 

For instance, if you are launching a studio or shop in a specific location, you could utilize the discussion sticker to bring your audience to engage with your business. Fans could ask you everything, like when your studio is opening, discounts & offers, functioning hours, etc. It’s also the perfect one for growing communities. 

Multiple Stickers To Successive Engagements

There is no rule for using more than one sticker in a story. If you need to increase engagement, you can generously use it. If you want a longer explanation for your poll, utilize the ‘Ask Me Anything’ or ‘Discuss’ sticker.

Mix up multiple stickers and go creative. There are no rules for using the ‘Create’ mode on Instagram, so it is easy to experiment with various combinations.

Finishing Thoughts

You can use the ‘Create’ mode on the Instagram story and utilize multiple stickers in an Instagram story. There are endless possibilities. Whatever it is, if you need to grab your follower’s attention, then it’s a perfect time to try out Instagram’s ‘Create’ mode.

Also, Instagram gives massive free tools you could utilize to interact with your fans. Before that, you want to acquire solid followers first. Grow your followers in high numbers and use the Instagram story sticker options to bring your audience to interact with your ideas for developing your brand.

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