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How to find the right recruitment consultant

by William Beel

Any experienced jobseeker can let you know that there is an abundance of recruitment consultancies out there but, with each alternating significantly in terms of experience, style and expertise, how do you find the appropriate one for you? Here, we can help you with key questions to ask.

key questions to ask the recruiter

Is a consultant a specialist in the area you’re working in?

Job roles are frequently technoscientifically, and it’s frustrating for a candidate to talk to someone who earns to have an in-depth understanding of your functional area and discipline. Still, when you scratch the surface, it is clear that they do not really understand your functional area at all. How can someone portray you credibly to potential employers if they do not genuinely understand what you do? 

You have to look for someone with functional expertise in your area. Suppose you are a digital marketing candidate, for example. In that case, you have to make definite that you are addressing a recruiter who has a provable track record of recruiting in that area – or who can most concisely draw on a large team, backed by relevant experience, that does.

Where is your recruiter located?

When you are viewing to hire, it is beneficial to have recruiters on the ground who have all-embracing networks with candidates in the geographical location you are looking to recruit. They will not only know the best candidates to contact about the role directly, but they will also be able to match with candidates in personage as the search progresses. It is particularly profitable at the offer stage of the process when you may need your recruiter’s help in closing the candidate.

Does the recruiter offer reliable details?

Before you share your resume and personal details, ensure that the recruitment consultant provides you with all the agency details, such as the street address, working email address, active website link, etc. Make sure you research the staffing firm with the help of the information provided and check the consultant’s credentials on LinkedIn.

Is the recruiter ready to reveal the client specifications with you?

One of the essential things that can assist you in deciding the genuineness of a recruiter is whether they are ready to grant you the aspects of the hiring company. A genuine head hunter would understand and cooperate with your requirement to know about the organization before applying for a job. Ask for detailed company information, and active links to their website and social media handle from the consultant.

Recruiter working with the whole business or solely with you?

You want a consultant who is interested in locating the best-fit job for you. Good recruiters will propose a candidate to other specialists within their business, who will be happy to contribute their skills, knowledge and contacts of different territories.

Benefits of an executive recruiter

Seldom do we make our job look easy, but our executive recruiters spend many hours building relationships with companies to call us when they are thinking of hiring. They work vigorously to discover who the best candidates are on the market and who will fit their organization and the role.

Your recruitment consultant will understand the unique terminology of your industry, how your precise job works and where your skill sets are most suited to the latent job. They can also equip you with guidance on how to remedy any gaps in your job career.


Once you find a recruiter, you can trust and get outstanding results for you, nourish the relationship – even when you are in employment and not looking to move on. A recruiter is an excellent alternative for getting expert advice across all areas of the job search life cycle.

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