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Difficulties in Changing Organizational Culture

by William Beel

Transforming corporate culture is one of the most complex leadership uphill chores. The corporate culture comprises an interlinked set of roles, goals, values, processes, attitudes, communications practices,  and opinions. Transformation of culture is an enormous undertaking, and ultimately, complete organizational means for transforming minds will require to be put into action. Nevertheless, the order in which they deployed has a significant influence on the possibility of success.

Challenges in changing organization Culture

Managing change successfully means that leaders and managers are willing to consider the best possible solutions to problems and explore different options that will enhance the team effectiveness and productivity of the business. Leaders who want to foster change within an organization must be willing to accept ambiguity and uncertainty. Change is inevitable, and by making contingency planning and setting goals, leaders can lay the foundation for a successful culture shift. They are effectively communicating and incorporating cultural change into its strategic objectives will better position businesses to reach their short and long-term business goals.

Resistance to change

Shaping the mindsets of people and their attitudes can be difficult. Oftentimes, people have their personal, set-up ways of doing and seeing things. While there is nothing wrong with it, those underlying assumptions and beliefs can seldom hinder innovation.

Additionally, employees can remain resistant to change because they are nervous about failure. Being nervous about making a misconception is only natural as no one wants to be responsible for something that did go quite as planned.

However, we can change these attitudes by creating an environment that embraces the “fail fast mentality”. Innovation involves an almost constant amount of risk and uncertainty. Because not all ideas can be successful, it is important to communicate that not all opinions are expect to work, and it is ok to fail as long as people learn from them.

Not communicating the purpose

The first aspect of culture change is to understand that culture does communicate the purpose of change. It is often seen that not expressing the purpose of change results in Controversy. It leads to overseeing, and hence outcome will be as it is expected. This should communicate to each individual within the culture. 

Purpose can also be challenging to make people perform with all their potential at all times. Without purpose, there is no command, and without that, there is really no chance of reaching your destination.

Communicating purpose does not refer to giving a motivational speech or attaching inspirational thoughts on the office walls. For people to find accurate fulfilment and purpose in their roles, they must sense they are an essential part of something that creates a tangible difference.

Rigid organizational structures

Organizational structures are generally hierarchical of several elements, especially in big organizations. Although having some sort of hierarchy is essential, it might also make some bottlenecks for change if it limits knowledge flow.

Often, management that controls the data flow to and from the top to the ends is a bottleneck. Even if managers require gathering ideas from the front line, they are usually too busy and thus prioritize their current duties over reform.

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