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What You Need to Know About Buying a Home in an Auction

by William Beel
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You may know everything there is to know about buying a house in the traditional way. But did you know, buying a home in a real estate auction in Florida can be an excellent opportunity as well? It is quite an exciting alternative to the normal, common way of doing real estate business. Especially so if you have your eyes set on a particular piece of property that is quite popular, or if you are a real estate investor.

So, the question is that how do real estate auctions work? Well, first you need to know that there are two kinds of real estate auctions — live auctions and online auctions. Both have their ups and downs, but we’d say the pros outweigh the cons in these matters. 

Especially in the present pandemic situation, the opportunities for finding the perfect home have never been better with the online real estate auction options. The possibility of finding a solid long-term real estate investment at an auction is pretty good.

What Can You Find in a Real Estate Auction

So, what type of properties can you expect to find at a real estate auction in Florida? The short answer is — foreclosures! The vast majority of houses sold at real estate auctions are foreclosures. 

The reason for this is that the lenders often want to acquire as much money as possible on the houses the borrowers had to give up on due to getting into defaulters. And obviously, an auction is a great option for this, sins it pits buyers against buyers, and that jacks up the price very quickly without any extra effort from the money lender or seller at all.

Such as it is, these foreclosure auction sales are a great opportunity for real estate investors to find a great deal. Of course, you would have to be a careful investor about when and where to invest, estimating the market value first.

How to Properly Take Part in a Real Estate Auction

First of all, don’t write off live auctions even though you have the opportunity of online auctions. While frankly in the present pandemic situation online auctions would be physically much safer, there are points in favor of live auctions that you cannot simply ignore.

Typically the live auctions are held at the country courthouse, but they can be held in other venues such as in the actual house itself. Which is a great thing considering you should be in touch with the real thing you are buying. 

While live auctions are open to anyone who wants to attend, they still have to register first if they want to make a bid at the property. Also, the auctioneer will want proof that you can actually pay the sum that you speak of at once. 

Secondly, it is always a great idea to research the property being sold at a real estate auction Florida, before the auction actually begins. Most of the time you can get notified of these houses up for bidding by your local newspaper. Get there and see the house. Know exactly what you are betting on, long before you actually call out a bid.

Sometimes, you can find such deals with a local realtor who can help you get familiarized with the property in question. Some local realtors do list such properties up for auction, though they are not allowed to bid themselves. They can, however, mention to you other similar properties in the same area.

And that brings us to the third most important thing you must do — seek out similar properties for sale in the area (or in other similar areas). You should do this, again, to know your cards before you make a bet. Realtors would be happy to help you in this search.

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