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4 Useful Tips to Avoid Truck Crashes

by William Beel

Whether you’re the driver or one of the passengers, you face the possibility of an accident whenever you’re in a vehicle. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is large or small, new or old; driving can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken.  Unfortunately, larger vehicles inherently bring with them a higher probability of serious injury and even fatalities. That’s why many will urge drivers to drive defensively. Whether they’re driving the average family car or something bigger, such as a semi-truck learn more fantastic tips

The thing is, some accidents are unavoidable. Barring those, though, drivers can take certain steps to help prevent one accident or another from happening. So before you decide to look at that semi tractor for sale just one more time before buying it, make sure you know what you can do to drive it safely and make up for lower maneuverability, and therefore lessen the possibility of an accident.

Don’t forget to plan ahead

As a truck driver, you may have to make deliveries in a city you’ve never been to before. This means planning a route to the new destination, just like any driver would do when going somewhere new. However, you shouldn’t just plan the general route from Point A to Point B. You also need to know which roads you can take, whether there’s a highway exit that’s closer to the destination and other details that will help you prepare better. 

By planning your route ahead of time, you eliminate or at least lessen the need for last-minute corrections. Because such quick changes can lead to swerving. 

Follow the speed limit

When you’re out making deliveries, your job is to get the cargo to its destination in one piece and as quickly as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you should run full-tilt down the highway. Doing so would be an accident waiting to happen. If you do get into a crash, neither you nor your employer would benefit. 

Whether on the highway or on city streets, speed limits are exactly that: limits. Whatever the speed limit is, that is the fastest you can legally drive on that road. You can go slower than the speed limit, especially if the weather makes it difficult to drive safely when going faster. But going over the speed limit is never a good idea.

Be familiar with your vehicle

Knowing the kind of truck you’re driving and how to tell if something’s wrong with it is necessary for getting a commercial driver’s license. When you know how the truck is supposed to sound and how it feels to drive it when it’s operating properly. You’ll be able to tell there’s something off. Taking the truck to a repair shop to have someone look at it may cause a delay. But that’s preferable to, say, a head-on collision between the truck and a family vehicle. 

Don’t get distracted

Like any driver, you need to stay focused while you’re driving. This means no texting, or any other activity that calls for a hand to go off the wheel. Use a hands-free setup so you can take calls when necessary, and plan your entertainment, whether it’s a playlist or a podcast. Before heading off on a delivery so you don’t have to search for it once you’re behind the wheel. 

Staying focused also means paying attention to your surroundings, so check your mirrors periodically to know if there’s someone in the next lane, if you’re getting too close to another vehicle, and so on. You may have a spotter, but you should confirm what they see with your own eyes.

As mentioned earlier, some accidents just can’t be avoided. But if you follow the tips given and drive carefully, you can at least turn a fatal crash into one that’s non-fatal.

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