In Makkah, Exploring Top Leading Shopping Spots Is A Great Experience!!!

Any trip to Makkah is incomplete without a visit to the city’s shopping malls. The majority of people only get the chance to visit Makkah once in their lives. You want to not only appreciate every second of your time on sacred land, but you also want to take home souvenirs. You might also want to buy gifts for your loved ones who will likely never have the chance that you do. This only implies one thing: locating Makkah’s top leading shopping spots.

You’re probably feeling excited, confident, and ready for your future Umrah journey so that you must know the best-known shopping places in Makkah to explore after performing Umrah. Muslim Holy Travel provides the best 21 Nights Smart, Hassle-Free & Cheap Umrah Packages 2021, from which you can opt for the one that suits you best. By booking one from there, you can get a lot of amenities such as Ziyarat, hotels, transit, a hassle-free schedule, and many more with ultimate convenience and affordability.

There are some commercial areas for every Umrah pilgrim and also for the residents, whether you’re a fashionista looking for new designs or just want to buy prayer mats, prayer beads, dates, olives, and so on. This guide will show you where to go to find the latest and high-quality products so that you can bring home the best of Makkah’s excellence.

Shopping Malls & Centers In Makkah:

There are several shopping centers and malls to select from if you wish to shop in the comfort of air conditioning and with the convenience of well-stocked stores and a wide range of products. The Makkah Mall, which comprises 3 floors and is a short cab ride from many hotels, is the most preferred choice. You may expect to find a wide range of stores, as well as shopping and dining facilities. Shopping at the malls is similar to shopping anywhere else in the world, with the exception that there are many new brands of apparel, shoes, jewelry, and other products.

The Red Sea Mall, the Al Salam Mall, and the Mall of Arabia are some of the other shopping malls you can come across when exploring Makkah and the surrounding areas after performing Umrah. Opt for Souq Al Hijaz if you wish to do shopping from the Jeddah Airport or even on your way. It is not inside Makkah, but it is one of the most prestigious and oldest Makkah shopping complexes.

The Open Markets In Makkah – A Great Place For Shopping:

You must look for open markets if you want to have a real shopping experience in Makkah. There are small markets where merchants sell dates and many other foodstuffs that they have produced themselves. There are also bigger markets where a wide range of vendors gather in one place for the convenience of visitors, pilgrims, and locals equally.

Outside of Makkah, you’ll find some of the finest open markets. The Madina Market is the greatest place to go if you’re looking for the biggest, freshest, and tastiest dates. Smaller dates can be available at open markets in Makkah, but many repeat pilgrims and also locals go to Madinah when they need dates as well as a variety of other foods. This is an incredibly interesting market where you could be able to find a number of additional things while you’re there.

Another best-known open market is Gabel Street Souq, which is situated in Jeddah. When you have free time after completing your spiritual journey, you can stop off on your route inside or outside the Makkah, or go on a day tour or evening excursion. When you have free time after completing your spiritual journey, you can stop off on your route inside or outside the Makkah, or go on a day tour or evening excursion. This market is really just one street having a lot of different sellers.

Comparison Between Shopping Malls & Open Markets:

It’s hard to visit Makkah without exploring at least one open market. In the summer, however, you may not want to buy a lot of fresh products from street vendors. Vendors do not have the facility of refrigeration or air conditioning, and you do not want to unknowingly buy spoilt products.

This isn’t to mean that the markets aren’t good places to shop for low-cost prayer mats, apparel, and other things. Most vendors are eager to bargain if you do it respectfully, so if you shop smartly, you can get some fantastic deals.

An Ultimate Advice: Buy In Bulk And Save!

Retailers in Makkah aren’t much different than those in any other city. The more you purchase, the more probably they provide you with a discount. If you locate a product that you know you’ll use or that you’d like to give as a present to loved ones and other Muslims. Then, try bargaining for a lesser price in exchange for buying more of the similar thing from the same vendor.

You might want to compare pricing for similar things in both Makkah and Madinah before you start bargaining. This isn’t always possible, but if your schedule allows you to visit each place twice, you might want to compare prices and then negotiate with the seller who offers the best deal. When you come across a more unique product or a handcrafted item, you’ll want to bargain right away before someone else buys it all.

So, you should make sure to have enough room in your bags because you will come across many souvenirs and valuable products that you will want to bring home for your family members, friends, and also your loved ones. Of course, you’ll also want to bring some ZamZam water with you.