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4 Ultimate Benefits of Installing & Using PEX Pipe for Plumbing

by William Beel
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PEX Pipe has been a great alternative for plumbers and they are used popularly by installers for a long time now. The creation of PEX Pipes can be traced back to the 1960s; however, it wasn’t until the 80’s when they were used for plumbing installations.

The popularity of PEX pipe Ireland or in other locations is because of its easy to handle features. In comparison to rigid pipes, PEX pipes are way easier to install and have features that are beneficial in every aspect.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the obvious benefits of installing and using PEX pipes for plumbing.

1.    Resistant to freezing and durable

Similar to copper pipes, PEX pipes are resistant to any scale buildup. It is also resistant to chlorine and corrosion that enables it for durable performance. Along with that, PEX pipes can singularly withstand extreme temperatures (high or low).

The issue of burst pipe as a result of freezing is not a concern if you install PEX pipe for plumbing. The surrounding temperature does not manipulate the condition of these pipes and offer an overall smooth performance.

2.   Quick and flexible installations

PEX pipes give installers pretty flexible installation as there is no need for adding extra fittings or use add-on elbows to fit it in corners. They are conveniently maneuverable to be fitted in any corner.

Its flexibility not only reduces the installer’s hassle but also minimizes material cost, connection points and chances of potential leaks. Additionally, installations of PEX pipes are pretty simple and you don’t require specialized tools or material to finish the job of installation.

This reduces the time of installation and creating any error during the process. Some PEX pipes come with rotational fittings that work in favor of getting perfectly aligned installations.

3.   Reliable and trusted product

As aforementioned, PEX pipes have been around in the market for a long time now. In fact, they were used for plumbing installations from the 80’s. These pipes have been successfully installed and used in many countries for several decades.

Over the years, they have emerged as a reliable and trusted product that installers choose without much hesitation. Also, it is observed that if any problem has been detected in the past it is usually due to a slipshod fitting or installation and not related to the issue of pipe.

4.   Offers peace of mind and confidence to installers

The installation of PEX pipe Ireland or in any other location does not require use of glue, adhesive, soldering or solvents. Hence, any potential harmful chemical remains out of the plumbing system. It gives you a peace of mind that PEX pipe installation won’t cause any damage to your plumbing system.

Also, you don’t require any special tools or equipment for its installation. Therefore, installers feel pretty confident fixing and installing them to your plumbing system. Alternatively, some brands even offer long year warranty for assured quality performance.

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