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What Constitutes is a Number Plate Being Illegal?

by William Beel
Number Plate

Number plates must be displayed clearly. Any unauthorised change may result in a £1,000 fine, which means a failed MOT. To meet UK standards, a number plate must be clear and readily identifiable. There are numerous issues that can arise when it comes to the legality of number plates that are not suitable for usage on UK roads. Here are six things that determine whether or not number plates are legal:

1. Spacing:

It is illegal to have an incorrect number of characters on your vehicle’s plates. A quick check on your V5C logbook (or your V778/V750 if you haven’t received your V5C) can help you ensure that you are not breaking the law. The spacing of the letters on the registration plate makes it more difficult for people to read and officials to detect. It is a crime under ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) laws for cameras not to be able to scan your license plate correctly.

2. Bolt placement:

You must be aware of the consequences of utilising a bolt to attach your number plate to your automobile. In some cases, it has obscured the view of the number plates. When improperly positioned, it may alter the appearance from afar, making a letter or number seem like another registered combination. You can avoid this by using matching colours for the bolt and background shading on your number plate, or by simply putting up strong double-sided stickers.

3. Font:

The font on UK number plates is different from that use in most other countries. It’s generally acknowledged by road users and number plate dealers. It improves letter and numeral visibility. Furthermore, an incorrect typeface makes your plate illegal. The “Charles Wright” typeface is use as a standard.

4. Background:

In the United Kingdom, the background of a vehicle’s number plate must be reflective. This helps to distinguish the characters, making them more visible. It also aids drivers in seeing other vehicles when it is raining. Road users will be able to tell which way a car is facing simply by looking at the colour of its background. You can’t use non-standard colours, patterns, or even decals on your number plate. The front plate should have a white background and the rear one should have a yellow one (in addition to any other requirements).

5. Colour:

Incorrect colour on vehicle registration plates is considered a traffic violation. Background and typeface are defined by conventional colours. The front of the car must be white, while the rear must be yellow, with the letters being black. Any other hues are illegal and difficult to identify as a result of this.

6. Invalid Flags:

In the United Kingdom, it is acceptable to have a flag on the number plate. However, having a flag on the car does not make it any less attractive. If you wish to add a banner, it must be a proper one and properly placed. The UK permits only certain flags, including those from Europe such as St. George Cross, Union Jack, Red Dragon of Wales and Scottish Saltire (St Andrew Cross), among others.

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