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Watch Your Favorite Team in Action on a “Blacked Out” Football Game

by William beel

In radio and television, the word blackout usually refers to the non-airing of radio or television programming on a certain medium. Normally it is only applicable in certain markets such as the top media markets (i.e., US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.). It is most common in the airing of sports events, but other media can also be blacked out during certain events. For example, during the World Cup period, all international sports channels were blacked out except the ones dedicated to football. This applies also to music festivals and concerts.

Blackouts are sometimes used to prevent listeners from watching or listening to a particular channel on television during a time when it is scheduled to have their regular season Sunday afternoon time slot. For example, during football season, broadcasts of games involving the home team are often blacked out except for those which air on the nationally televised ESPN. Similarly, during the regular season, certain movies and shows that are critical in promoting a movie are often blacked out or showed in very low quality. In this manner, blackouts can either promote or deter people from watching or listening to a particular media. There are instances when a blackout is used to prevent listeners from being harmed by fireworks, but this is regarded as excessive use of the technique.

A major reason why businesses and government entities resort to blacking out rooms and offices is to prevent people drinking too much alcohol. Even when a person is not drunk, they may still be at risk for liver failure or intoxication due to high concentrations of alcohol in the bloodstream. For this reason, blacking out the premises means that people will not be able to consume too much alcohol, which can lead to serious medical problems.

Sometimes, broadcast companies also blacken rooms and venues for sporting events to prevent the audience from being harmed by loud noises produced by the play-by-play announcing of games. For example, an audience that is watching a NASCAR race car race at a popular NASCAR race track may become distracted by the sound of a jet engine. While most spectators don’t become harmed by this type of distraction, the noise can create a condition called “blackout hearing loss,” wherein the audience is unable to hear the play-by-play announcing of the race due to a lack of blacked-out windows.

Even when the person is not drunk, blackouts can prevent drivers from safely driving. Some drivers may become so addicted to alcohol that they feel forced to drive even when they are not actually drunk. If this scenario plays out on a major highway, with hundreds of vehicles all using the road at the same time, it would take many hours for all of the vehicles to arrive at their destination, slowing everything down for the live audience of hundreds of people to watch. This is where blackouts are extremely useful.

Blackouts that occur when someone is intoxicated do not occur because of the person’s fault, and should not be treated as such. However, blacked out windows may help to minimize some of these dangers. When someone is blacked out, their eyes cannot see anything outside the glass, so they can no longer perform the normal functions of their eyes. This can include seeing the speed signs, changing lanes, or making turns. Blacked out headlights and taillights, along with the lack of other visible elements on the road to make the driver more prone to acting while they are intoxicated, increasing the risk of accidents.

Some states have made blacking out the windows mandatory for all drivers. This would make sense if people realized how dangerous it is to drive while blacked out. However, because some states prefer to enforce blacking out just to drive fast and save money, some people don’t care about the law, believing that if they are drunk they can keep their eyes blacked out the whole way. This attitude could lead to major accidents because people will not see road conditions or bad roads until they are too late.

A good rule of thumb is to always wear your seatbelt even if you aren’t in the car or behind the wheel. Of course, if you are in the middle of the rush hour or a football game, this is even more important. No matter how drunk you are, stay within a few feet of the side of the car in front of you so that you can have a clear view of the road and other cars when possible. You should also make sure that you follow these simple safety tips while watching your favorite football games and ensure that everyone (even the other team’s players and spectators) stays safe and accident free. Even better, if you don’t drink at all, you should consider getting your friends to join you in watching the game so you can all stay safe, too!

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