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What Are Screw Piles? What Is Their Precise Use In The Construction Of Buildings?

by William Beel

In the construction of any building or structure on any sort of soil, screw piles play a very crucial role to provide the required foundation and stability in case of earthquakes too. They are easy to install with very less noise and very less levels of vibrations.

The screw piles consist of circular hollow steel sections and are fitted with one or more helixes. Instead of predicting a steady pitch, the screw piles are squeeze into the soil. For the usability of the screw piles, the geotechnical parameters, the issues of environmental corrosion and the minimum design life structure of supporting a building is taken into consideration.

Fixing of the screw pile and how it reaches the target depth?

The pile is fixed in the targeted spot and normally filled with concrete after it is reached the target depth. The outstanding reinforcement provides the link to the building structure above. For the application of large torques to screw the venting pole in the ground, powerful hydraulic motors are used.

Many site engineers and other contractors always have the most crucial question – how are screw piles advantageous and what possibly could be the disadvantages of screw piles? Hence in this article we have tried to answer this question in as simple and easy language as possible. There are helical piles, helical anchors and helical piers that are also there in the types of piles, and each has its own benefits.

Pro #1: Different equipment such as a crane with a pile hammer or a large, drilled shaft platform is not necessary, screw piles are fitted with conventional construction facilities, such as a paddle or mini excavator equipped with a high-timer hydraulic engine.

Pro #2: Most foundation types or fastening systems have unique screw piles. This plays an important role where there is a short schedule for structure and where the rest of the project depends on the foundations and anchors installed.

Pro #3: In comparison with most other types of building activities involving the installation of driven piles, shafts or other fasteners, the installations of screw piles produce little to no site disturbance and does not generate soil cuttings in general.

Pro #4: Installation also marks in insignificant vibrations that are important for some of the building vibration-sensitive projects. As screw piles have a minor work track or imprint, the adjacent structures are also disrupted insignificantly. Since no soil cuttings are produced, they can also be used effectively at places where contaminated soils can be found.

How you need to be careful about the installation of the screw piles?

Each screw pile has a physical restriction which the manufacturer classifies, and it is called the torque rate which simply means that the turning or spinning amount to apply to the screw piles is limited before structural completeness is impaired. If repeated limiting turning force are reached while installation and the installation requirements are not met, a different screw pile configuration must be used.

Mounting screw piles by the book is essential for performance and equipment used by the contractor must meet the predictable soil conditions of a project, the geometry chosen for the work and the maximum planting rotating force expected. While going for major construction projects, one also needs to be careful of this: in gravel and cobble deposits, screw piles do not ordinarily advance appropriately; they should simply not be utilized. Even if in certain cases, a lead helical plate could also be carried in the first few inches of weathered rock, because screw piles are not suitable for rock.


Hope we have been able to answer the 2 most important asked by various contractors and engineers. For any further questions you can always contact the manufacturers for detailed information and types of screw piles.

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