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Top Media Creation Apps for Aspiring YouTube Creators(Android)

by William Beel
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top media creation apps for YouTubers

Starting a YouTube channel is still a challenging task for the majority of people, mostly aspiring YouTubers. But if you want to start a channel to showcase your creativity in front of millions of potential viewers and also on the other hand don’t have a high-end camera & video editing setup, then you can start your journey with just having a smartphone.

Yes, there are several Android apps available today, that can help you to grow your handful amount of audience for those initial days, and as you grow slowly you can upgrade your studio setup anytime.

Let’s have a quick look, at the most important media creation apps for YouTube video creation for Android smartphones and their features in a brief.

Android Media Creation Apps for Beginner YouTube Creators:


PixelLab is one of the most popular photo editing apps available on the Google Play store, and it is completely free to use. By using this application you can easily edit your pictures and also can be able to create outstanding thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

As thumbnail plays a vital role in your videos, you have to create very attractive thumbnails to improve your CTR and this app will help you to create such amazing thumbnails in a few seconds.

There are a lot of image filters and editing tools available in this app that will help you to edit your images easily. Apart from that you can create various text designs, change the background of any image, remove the background, and so on.

Features of PixelLab:

  • Create, add and customize 3D text
  • Add various text styles with different color, font & text effects
  • Import images to edit or change the background
  • Lot of emoji and stickers for creative designs
  • Remove the background of any image
  • Easily create memes by using the default preset


Have you heard the name Kinemaster? if not, this is a powerful, free & easy-to-use professional-grade video editing app for Android smartphones. The popularity of this app is huge in this segment due to its unmatched set of features.

Kinemaster comes with both free & paid versions, if you are ready to pay some extra amount per month then you can go with the paid version, which is more beneficial. But if in your case it is totally impossible to pay even that small amount you can choose the free version instead. The free version has some limitations, and the scariest part is that you will get a brand watermark with every video you export.

There are almost all required features/tools are available in this app such as crop, cut, trim, audio processing everything you ever required to edit your YouTube videos from your phone. If you want to share your screen recordings, then you additionally need a screen recorder app, by using which you can record the screen and then edit that recording with the Kinemaster app easily.

Features of Kinemaster:

  • Combine and edit videos with special effects, stickers, text, images
  • Multiple tools available to crop, slice, trim your videos
  • Easily add music, voice overs, audio tracks to your videos
  • Downloadable transitions, special effects, and animations
  • Use color filters to enhance your video and make them stand out
  • Export videos in HD, Full HD, 4K output

Voice Recorder

Having good and clear audio helps your video to grab more engagement, so to get the professional quality audio output we need a voice recorder app. Because some times the default voice recorder of a smartphone is unable to record good quality voice recordings, and additionally add more noise profiles to the original audio, and later it becomes very difficult to filter that noise even with post-processing.

A good third-party voice recorder app provides you more options to adjust your recording levels, edit your recordings and sometimes help to reduce your noise profiles with internal processing inside the app.

Features of Voice recorder:

  • Record high-quality voice with the simple user interface
  • MP3, ogg file format supported
  • Play, pause, save & share the recording with others
  • Live spectrum analyzer to monitor live recording
  • Mp3 encoding with adjustable sample rate
  • Background recording with microphone gain calibration

Final words:

We hope you like this article and find these apps helpful. These are some of the most popular apps you can try to create good-quality YouTube videos.

If you have any queries, drop a comment below.

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